Picture Books Temporarily Offline

The little engine that powers our Picture book library blew a piston. It was fun while it lasted, but the ride ended. We are searching for a reliable virtual book plugin to bring back the photos and stories. We’ll post a notice when we find a suitable replacement. Thank you for your readership. – adminNOW

Read This Please Volume 2 in a Book!

Dear Thoughtful Voyager, Announcing Our latest traveling companion… Volume 2 Click cover to have it delivered to your home! In a paperback book! It’s wireless and never needs charging! (Amazon Kindle version coming soon!) http://www.amazon.com/ReadThisPlease-Volume-Editions-Short-Stories/dp/0980920183/ ReadThisPlease Volume 2, Editions 7 – 12 $18.00 First printing 418 pages Sage Press Title ID: 3913161 ISBN-13: 978-0980920185 Cano … Read more

Kiva is Now – Join Team ReadThisPlease

AdminNow ~ All the chatter about the economy and the cost of debt, trying to make a go and find a little joy… enter KIVA. Thanks to Jen, intrepid ReadThisPlease idea generator, we are now a big tycoon moneybags lender! Not really, but we do have heart… From the desk of Jen A C: Have … Read more

Edition 12 Released! All About First Times

  Remember our first? ReadThisPlease.com Edition 12 is all about firsts. Some experiences happen upon us and we acknowledge that this was a personal first, first chances, first disappointments, first moments. We all have opportunities to travel into the unknown and experience a first. Even if a road is traveled a thousand times, the first … Read more

ReadThisPlease Writer/Photographer Nominated

Sarah Marie Scott, one of ReadThisPlease’s writers, is nominated as a Finalist for the 32nd Annual Best College & High School Photography Contest in her continuing education program. Sarah shines as a writer and brings a unique sense of creativity to her photography. Click her tag and check out her picture book on Now.readthisplease.com.  You’ll … Read more

ReadThisPlease Edition 11 Now Available

Just for our friends and subscribers, you can go to ReadThisPlease.com and read Edition 11. It’s all for you. Doorways November 11, 2011   column 1 Junction by Jen A C Deer Crossing by Bruce Reisner Electric Avenue by Adrienne S Moody Doll Baby by M Dawn Thacker   column 2 Ghosts and Truth by … Read more

It’s here… ReadThisPlease is now on Book!

Yes we have made ReadThisPlease available, at your demand, on the new tactile sensory device called, ‘a book’. Volume One contains 416 rectangular shaped sheets of text—and when bound in this innovative, glossy-covered format, you can take it anywhere. Never needs charging, or batteries, or replacement ink. Thick, full of stories, poems, observations, reflections, and … Read more

100,000 Word Meals Served

  What a year… so far. It all started in a humble online coffee shop with some talented writers who came together to pool resources, support, and a vision to share their messages. Now, six months later, we have four ebooks, a paperback volume ready to hit the shelves, ten online editions, syndication, and many … Read more

Ticket To Ride – Edition 10 Is Out

Image © 2011 by Sheila Cano   Edition 10 will soon be out on ebook! Let’s go! ReadThisPlease.com Edition 10 is all about travel and motion, getting somewhere, and what we do when we arrive. Traveling takes many forms, so buckle up—we invite you to read some road-ready short stories by the wandering scribes at … Read more

We love You, Dad

We love you, Dad. Sometimes us kids don’t show it—our job is to break out of the nest—but you will always be our number one hero. Enjoy tales by Adrienne and Jen A.C. Click the links to visit ReadThisPlease Edition #3, our tribute to fathers.   The Spirit of Father’s Day by Adrienne S Moody … Read more

ReadThisPlease Ebooks Available On Kindle

  The editor shows up—ragged, weary, and with a sublime expression of superiority. What has happened? We wondered. Now we understand. The tireless editorial team, tech guru Steve, and publisher Donna have coordinated the upcoming release of all ReadThisPlease editions on ebook. Wow! We have a new published catalog of quality reads and short stories … Read more

ReadThisPlease Edition 9 Released

Readthisplease.com update: April 24, 2011 – Edition #9 Everyday Magic is released. Edition #9 is all about the odd little things that happen to make us pause and wonder. Journey through twenty-three works by the scribes at ReadThisPlease. Discussion and comments are appreciated.     Everyday Magic April 24, 2011   column 1 Together, We … Read more

Edition 9 Everyday Magic

  Readthisplease.com update: We are starting to compile Edition #10. Until it’s all golden, we invite you to visit our previous editions online. There’s lots of stories written for your enjoyment. Short ones, tiny ones, longer ones, funny ones, sad ones, happy ones, odd ones…   April 24, 2011 – Edition #9 Everyday Magic is … Read more

ReadThisPlease Edition #8 Released

  Read This Please Online Periodical Edition #8, themed Melancholic Habitus, and all about the turmoil of inspiration. Writers, poets, artists and musicians can relate. We understand the web of angst and rumination coiling in the frontal lobe. We dive in and sort through triggers, flashbacks and mental mazes, organizing fleeting glimpses into verse, or … Read more