Morning Mist


1mist_34 Nov. 25 07.51  3mist_33 Nov. 25 07.49

4mist_32 Nov. 25 07.46


Thought it would snow. Instead we woke to a blanket of fog and I left the indoors cozy for a walk with the surreal that beckons one stray.

Camera: Canon A480 10mp with a saw dust filter. I like ’em cheap. Mr. Coffee assisted mitigating use of tripod. 7:00 am PST.

In one image note the elusive Startled Duck. Also the pink tones of that eastern sky (I still might get my snow.) Threw some seed, paid my ado’s to the residents and opted to post these for their sublime intrigue. I just love Mother Nature as she’s waking up. Big yawns.

What one wouldn’t know, examining the images, is that a road crew is assembling 100 yards due west to re-re-resink a pipe down an arterial road. We should feel little earthquakes all day, month.


About the photographer: Gaboo began his photography career early with a manual SLR Zenit E, “At the time it was big, cheap, and made of metal. I figured it would lever my weight with a fifty pound backpack.”


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