Care And Upkeep Of Writers

REVISED. Gad, the first version was meh.

Dearest Darling,

I confess that I have featured you in numerous provocative and compromising scenarios. I’ve also bumped you off without remorse.

Early in our relationship, I would have been embarrassed to let you read how I’ve relied upon your visage and reputation for my content. Over time, we’ve developed a comfortable disconnect and I feel we’re strong enough to discuss this rationally.

I beam, elated with a new found freedom to expose my fascination with you as a character, often written into stories that could compromise anyone’s personal and business relationships. You may have noticed in mid-conversation that I spontaneously drift, seeming to loll on nothing. In truth, I was carefully sequencing your dialog and plotting devices to showcase your effervescent quirks and foibles.

Loved one, know that these works I submit, and many others circulated on the internet, are not to spite you. The brooding, snappy behavior with which you are portrayed is only a consequence of my strain to produce, from a void, something. Not even science can do that.

I concede, my love, you are one tricky cake to bake. You were not always a delight during the birthing of your public persona. Inexcusable, the many eccentric mannerisms I’ve soiled you with, but soul partner, please appreciate that your writer is shacked up with An Idea and ideally positioned to expand a franchise of adult related media products.

Let this experience intensify our relationship, my peach, and move us forward, revitalizing our vows with a more formal agreement and subsequent release for terms.

your snookums

Early Version:

To date, my wife has been featured in numerous provocative and compromising scenarios. I’ve also bumped her off on a whim. Before we’d congealed, she was embarrassed to read of her own traits embedded in action. Over time, she’s developed a comfortable disconnect and even a vicarious boastfulness. (It’s always about you, babe.) And that’s good, considering the arduous pseudo-psychological relationships such spouses, bffs, bbfs, trzf, icqfs, lovers, and long term confidantes invest in their familial home-brewed, pillow talk soothes.

Writers writhe between torment and elation, often engineering scenarios in their minds. A spouse might be mid-conversation and the writer spontaneously drifts, lolling on a plot, sequencing dialog, or working out knots in their imagination. The worst is watching a writer agonize over outcomes before they’ve started.

“Is your friend okay?”

“Oh, yeah. He’s just writing.”

As a loved one, know that these and many other deficiencies are not to spite you. The brooding, snappy behavior and inconsistent personal habits stem from the writer’s failure to employ life skills. The writer likely survives only because of a mother’s compassion and that torch is now passed to you. Your entrusted, precious, little brain farter is straining to produce, from a void, something. Not even science can do that.

For the writer, a universe is a tricky cake to bake. The progeny of spirited considerations are not always a delight when birthing. Inexcusable, many eccentric mannerisms exhibited by the word handy, but partners, please appreciate that your writer is knocked up with An Idea (and ideally placed in a ward until term).

In a relationship with a writer? It’s all about you, beloved undercover first reader. The reward and the peach, the ring and the reason, inevitably it’s all for you, and with you.

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