Gathering On The Mount

12/21/12. Midnight…

Yeah, rubber boots, what I decided to go down in. We paused, looking at the sky, my beloved and I, to get a good view.

The sky was not particularly biblical, so we returned somewhat disappointed. There were no indications of gamma ray toastus or meteorites. No evidence of reptile people. Nary a missile was blasting off.

My mom had asked last week if it was a sale day..? I hadn’t calculated that angle.

Chickens. Some cooing, no peeps.
Ducks. Snoring.
Dogs. Yawning.
Cat. Bored.
Squirrels. Reasonable. One little bugger has me concerned. I think he has a dysfunction.
Jays, chickadees, junkos, finches, woodpeckers… hanging out.
Crows.. sitting on the wire.
River critters.. downstream.
Big critters…upstream.
Deer.. about.
Townsfolk.. inside, mostly.



Many around the dell seem disappointed we woke up to the same universe. Were you looking for the glimmer of an out? Last night, for a few moments, a harmony overcame me, along with a peaceful sense. Life seemed suspended. I craned my neck out the window and looked up along the eaves. I could see the stars o’r head and the little campfires so distant. My world was asleep, hibernating, and I wondered if I was the only one left—just indulging a little folly—and you know, I was okay with that.

Now, I’m not suggesting that I wish the world begone, but I do think that I could be a solitary hum. Float around and hum, part of the earth’s voice, or the solar choir and the omnipresent dial tone. To be one note, doing my thing, evermore.

“So, Ohm, what are your plans for the day?”

“You know, I’ll be humming my note, Chaos.”

“Hehe, good luck. I’ve got a full schedule myself.”



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