Why Are We Concerned With Politics?

Because there are madmen at the wheel.

Think about it. If people didn’t pursue power over others, there would be no need for governance. That’s the power paradigm—those who take power from an oppressor become the oppressor.

The word ‘environment’ used to be define our surroundings. Then the word became associated in the phrase ‘natural environment’. The natural environment gained status as ‘an elusive moral good.’ Now the word ‘environment’ means imminent domain, for example, a declaration of responsibility to the shared common good. Thus environment usurps individual property rights, and enters the power paradigm.

Why do I dredge up the power paradigm when I write about politics? Because politics is the pursuit of power. It’s the same emotional arena for hounds as it is for chimps. We live in a zoo, made by ourselves. Politics decides when we eat and in what order.

The congenial, pragmatic, stewardship of a nation has nothing to do with politics. Politics are the manipulation of influences, policy, and procedure to attain power over the group. If stewardship of a nation is required to claim power, then that’s the requirement. The epochs have produced a variety of ladders to power.

… How might I use the word environment? I might use it to get what I want in order to beautify my environment and subvert what I don’t. I focus on the key aspects we share and demand compliance. With my brain, I can phrase and insinuate logical and subjective responses from concerned parties. Using argument and appeal, sometimes I lobby, and other times I play upon the motivations of bureaucrats, decision makers and opinion leaders. These actions influence the group and the group will bend others to my will. Speak against the environment and speak against the group. Speak against me, and speak against the group.

I can fabricate and dissimulate anything, at any time, to get power and influence. I can also be statesmanlike and responsible, if it achieves my ends. Situations evolve and priorities change, yet the thirst for domination over a group continues. I might exploit environment this week and technology the following, however, what I want is power. With power, all else is possible.

If rhetoric will not prevail
with dialectic I shall rail.
If that be inadmissible,
I pray there’s wit and logic still.
If free speech fails and lit is dead,
well then good friends, off with my head~!

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