Great News!

The overall polling trends are moving in favor of the President and democrats across the country. In his blog “FiveThirtyEight”, the statistician, Nate Silver, shows the likelihood of President Obama winning at about eighty-six percent.

There were some touch-and-go moments over the last few weeks, when it looked like the pro greed and big business, anti-environment, neoconservative trickle-downers combined with a voting block from the religious right were going to wring the last vestiges of consideration, compassion and charity from our nation’s political consciousness.

Still, the Presidential race isn’t a sure thing and neither are the Local, State and Congressional elections. The polling only shows how momentum is trending, trending, trending… nothing is more important than each of us going to the polls and making our voices heard.

We need to say that we’re unmoved by messages spread using unprecedented quantities of money and formed from half-truths and outright lies maliciously designed to fill our hearts with fear.

Tomorrow, our voices need to show that deliberation, empathy and forbearance are the strengths that America has, does and forever will strive to reach.

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9 Responses to “Great News!”
  1. Gaboo says:

    I might engage you in debate in the comments, alas, I’ve been stripping out the wife’s old truck for parts and you would win any intellectual challenge handsdown.

    Tho….. My biggest beef with Obama would be that he’s a committee guy—seeks approval. I’m not sure if he’s actually in power or is faking it and that Valerie whatshername is the real hammer. My all time fav leader….
    Genghis Khan. That dude had moxie. You knew where he stood—conquer Earth because everybody pissed him off. As a poet, I can relate to that. It’s only my kindler gentler side that prevents me from establishing my own nation state.

    • jac says:

      Committee guy… well, that’s his downfall politically, but isn’t that just what we need politically?

      Would you name the new nation, Gaboo, if that kinder gentler side ever lost the battle, that is?

      I’m wondering why the image of Valerie Jarrett dressed in Mongol battle gear keeps running through my brain? Though, wouldn’t you agree that’s a telling sign of President Obama’s strength; working with the best, strong personalities and intellects that might, at times, be at odds with his own?

      Hey, look at that, all questions… 8)

  2. Gaboo says:

    Annnnnnd…. don’t you think with the current state of crisis popping up everywhere, the US can endorse anyone for more than 4 years? Get a new guy/gal/rabbit/border collie in, change the game, everybody gets a kick at it. I see 500 bazillion dollars in unfunded liabilities for the unborn, Who’s fault? Washington, DC—-the players. Thank you very much.

    • jac says:

      That kind of leads to what you were talking about in your post; politics and the power paradigm. Politics for the vast majority has mutated into the search for power. I believe there are some who don’t use political victory as a step toward power, but we need a lot more.

      That clash between governance and power is the great battle. Power will always be the motivator until a sense of community or morality or the three C’s I mentioned in my post become the rule, not the exception.

      Who’s at fault? We are. Rather than hire people to do our business, we hire people that do their own. We’re smarter than that, I just don’t think we know it, yet.

      • Gaboo says:

        My faith is in the people, they are the real innovators and are establishing their own economy/dominion/lifestyle despite politics. I do think politics is reactionary, a year behind the mass consciousness. In tough times, people just move home and share the washroom. The real leaders—plumbers, electricians, nurses, the baker—they will work for the common good.

        I do think its good for you ‘radicals’ to keep elected leaders in check. Gnaw their ankles and let them know who’s boss—the people, together.

        • jac says:

          I just voted and I’m feeling a little guilty, including a plate of brownies and some raffle tickets I bought from the seniors (the smallest reward for giving up their room for for the day) it took all of five minutes. Friends of mine in other parts of country are standing in hours long lines, waiting to cast their ballots.

          Hang in there guys; I’m honestly with you in spirit :-)

          • Gaboo says:

            “feeling a little guilty” ???? Is that some sort of hint that you had an epiphany and went Romney?

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