What to buy for Armageddon?

There are only a few shopping days left until Armageddon. Writers are intuitive, and many leave chores for last.

I’m not sure what I’ll get those closest, or even those in close proximity. Haven’t been tuned up to far reaching circumstances and half the conclusions we arrive at lose importance with vicinity. Goals are less important at this juncture.

I digress into an earlier preamble… while admiring your species’ faith in leadership to figure and problem solve, I’m jaded that they’re actually entrenched in status quo. I do have faith in ground swell popular opinion, and the gift of morality many aspire to realize. My fear is only that public opinion is too ready to bend like reeds in the wind, and winds, as do ambassadors, arrive most inconveniently—to paraphrase Lady Margaret Lancaster.

If the late arrival of an ergonomic, low energy fridge/car/tv/ipad can satiate the masses with a few simple amenities in these wee hours, maybe we’ve learned something. Did we have to scrape the first ten layers of the earth to erect our huts? We might have learned to step discreetly into the envelope of life without regaling ourselves in consumer durable crap. Lives lived joyfully enhanced by Spartan accoutrements seems grand. A walk in the park. A nod and a wave. Ah, the times of doing stuff, rather than stuffing. Social interaction, tribal banter, being out and about. The open mall of the classless society, it’s all there. Shame we didn’t shake people from the concept of going into debt, signing on the dotted line, and getting sucked into a life of economic servitude with a few perks of wall to wall muck and tokens of validation. Maybe other cultures would have skipped the dirty steps and traipsed directly to ‘on’, enlightened with wifi and that low energy fridge/tv/ipad/car. The might have beens—oh, well. Human strata is tiered in levels of consumption caste and gold tooth envy. Wherest thou meeklitudes? Who among ye gives without taking? Who would offer up simple story or song? A few crumbs, please.

Proceed to live according to your instinctive virtues, your gifts of pragmatic harmony. Your inner code is the correct code. Others will see it as a better way… there’s still time to be reminded of the better way. Fare thee well. Keep your seat in the upright position.


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