Truth, Good or Bad

Someone prompted the following…

For True 10/23 21:36:49

the ways I fear the truth
as I fear the day rising
locked in a moment
before the dream burns away
truth can wait
hard, unforgiving,
merciless truth stayed–
holding, clinging closest to god
before the ringing
before a name is called
when inevitable turns outcome
gather in, stumble onward
emerge from dread
and death into truth


For Sure 10/24 11:58:08

Truth is a mother’s son
and truth is a father’s daughter.
Truth is knowing the hen will lay
and the grass will seed.
Truth is worth more known as a gift, that all is undetermined.
Chaos is truth and the purity of feminine spirit, the life giver of truth and random possibility.
Truth presents itself and mocks, death was always a lie, and death looks so confused.

Truly 10/23 20:51:44

a truth revealed is effervescent and inopportune. Thus a secret keeper must be fleet of phrase and a fair evader. If I release this bottle of secrets in heaven, will I be understood, freed? Will my clients?


Maybe truth is a brush and paints in light. To walk out in the morning and see the truth that night has left behind takes gumption. Maybe to uncover truth takes a strong sense of justice.


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