You Are Never Nothing

Everything you do affects. By merely living you have affected. From planning your arrival, through post-natal, and your formative yeas, you will alter us all and continue to affect long after you depart and your body rests. Never think you are nothing or a waste. Your living has affected us. To each is given life and to each is given choice within that life. Choose life and live knowing your presence is welcomed by nature and the river of life.

Of all the universes and galaxies, the epochs and eras, throughout misunderstood billions of years, winding through all the chances for life from arachnids to mammals, from anthropod to modern society, you and I have miraculously hit this pond at the same time. Imagine such a thing. Our ripples are a gift to each other. I am so privileged to know you, and to share this moment with you.

Your words are not you. Your name is not you. Not even your body is you; it’s an arrangement of elements, minerals and organic chains—stardust over time. You are within and apart, a precious and unrestrained entity who was given this chance, like me, to experience and continue the unbroken chain of life.

I will always find some reason to love you. If this speaks directly to you, then it is in tongues and was meant just for you from one greater than I alone.


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