Summer Memories – Pie

by Gaboo

I will bake a perfect pie
one so grand and extra wide
pie thick trick with six stick
butter crusted sugar mother’s
berry rhubarb straw rasp fillin’
roll out flour shape shell gasp
a perfect pie to slake a fast

(Careful when you shove in oven)

Ripened pipin fresh fruit feast
bubble boil steam release
flakey toasty baking puffy
butter fryin flour top golden
I don’t use a teflon coatin
glassware’s best for presentation
unless your pie’s in desperation

(If you pie, mix best intentions)

Pie, pie, I cry for pie
gnaw a table leg at times
inhaling waiting pacing checkin
pie surprise delights nose, eyes and
I attest a pie’s my passion
shoefly, crumble, lattice woven
key lime, meringue, apple, pecan

(Shout out to piping pied-eyers)

Mary Tyler Moore could pie
she knew how to roll with style
apron starched bowl pin mitten
dessert dish pie in sky wishes
fie Martha, Betty, Sara Lee
never foil in bakery
can’t serve pie with fakery

(Cow’s the one pie I don’t try)

It’s done! Oh my, pie smells delish
sliced and set on serving dish
cream topped option scratch
and for you I whipped a batch
bake a pie for special someones
invite friends and guests say “yummy”
when your pie is in their tummy

(Baklava’s just like pie with honey)
(Practice makes your pie less runny)
(3 dot 14159) *
(Look up ‘pieguy’ when online)

* Pi, of course.


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