Summer Memories with Adrienne


Love to Summer

I dream of the sun and warm temperatures.

Sunglasses and sunscreen.

Warm sand between my toes.

Bobbing in the waves.

Beach walking.

Summer love?

I would love to know the smell of summer where you grew up. How hot did it get? What did you spend those summers doing? What childhood games did you play? If you woke in the early morning what sounds outside could you hear? What dreams did you dream? Were you a happy or solemn child? What summer family traditions did you have? Did you grow a garden?


Forbidden Summer
Adrienne S Moody

Summer, the sound of the sprinklers, katchi katchi katchi, and feeling that cold water on our skin as we jump through and slip on the wet grass. Grass stains on our feet. Adventures. Up and on our bikes early before the heat makes it hard to breathe. My friend Linda and I ride double, me on the boys’ bar while her legs pump, down a steep hill and the wind through our hair and I see a board in our path, half on the road half on the curb. We hit it and i flew through the air and land on a water grate leaving its imprint on my bloodied knee. We keep on going. Now I’m on my own bike and we’re heading out to the Old Red Barn miles and miles and miles away from home. Saskatoon bushes. We pick and eat greedily. The barn sits on top of a hill looking forlorn with it’s door hanging on hinges and sun bleached walls. Forbidding. And we must see inside. We enter on tiptoe. It is sinister in there. We know boys go there and do unspeakable things. We can tell by all the nudie drawings on the walls inside. The smell of wheat and sunshine. One of us squeals and we run back to our bikes and pedal like the devil is after us as the sun just beat on down on us.


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