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Dear Thoughtful Voyager,
Announcing Our latest traveling companion…

Volume 2

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ReadThisPlease Volume 2, Editions 7 – 12
$18.00 First printing
418 pages
Sage Press
Title ID: 3913161
ISBN-13: 978-0980920185
Cano – Lewis, editors

Book Contributors:
Author – Sheila Cano
Author – Trularin
Author – Gaboo
Author – Steven Bird
Author – Jac
Author – B Lewis
Author – Adrienne Moody
Author – Bruce Reisner
Author – Casimirr Rexregys
Author – Sarah Scott
Author – M Thacker

If words are footprints, lead on! This is the second print volume from and contains Editions 7 through 12 with over one hundred titles, including: Prairie Storms and Crinolines by Adrienne S Moody, Invisible Unicycle by Gaboo, Poe’s Cabin by M Dawn Thacker, Strange Country by Steven Bird, Bench Warrant by Sheila Cano, The Wounded by Sarah Scott, Junction by Jac, Hallways by Bruce Reisner, Eun Hye by Casimirr Rexregys, Muse by B G Lewis, and more. With short stories that cover a wide range of topics and characters, the writers of deliver hours of entertainment with themes ranging from love, sadness, travel, miracles, doorways, and first times. (Some minor itty bitty adult words.)

M Dawn Thacker starts the book with Disheveled, and closes the book with Pruning Old Growth. Volume 2 Cover Artwork – Footprints – Photos By Sarah Scott and M Dawn Thacker

Order books. Read aloud. Together we make footprints.


Kindle Edition $2.99 and should be at the following link soon. The link goes straight to the Volume 2 line up including Editions 7, 8, 9 for $0.99 each on Kindle.

See them all soon at

Can I get a signed copy?

Yes, but all at the same time might be difficult. We are spread out in few spots on the planet. What might work, leave a comment and your email (it’s private) requesting a signed copy by _________, and we’ll coordinate a back and forth. We are a humble group, living in huts and separated by mountain passes, and fear of the unknown.


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