Deep Dream Diving


The contributors at are thrilled when friends and readers share their own creativity with us. Lisa Long Braids, poet, invites us along with her composition, Deep Dream Diving.


Deep Dream Diving

by Lisa Long Braids


Just the wind playing games
With my mind
Taking me deep dream diving
Consumed with my ego whilst all
Else seems to say free, it’s
All free, here and now
This simple space between the lines
Can you stop and let it be; in the
Softness of the free?
Little soul so duped in selfhood
Chiding with the physical
Suffocating all that is present
With all you hoped to be
It’s so easy to fall into this deep
Dream diving
Swimming in crystal depths
Slipping in and out of murkiness
Only to find yourself testing self, for
How do you surface
Without your self?



Deep Dream Diving © 2012 Lisa Long Braids. Published in its original form by permission on Image-Cloudy Blue/

5 Responses to “Deep Dream Diving”
  1. Gaboo says:

    Enjoyed the poem, Lisa. Speaks for this reader in many ways. Each line has a reason and a meaning to consider. I personally shall return to ponder again. g

  2. jac says:

    Lisa, thank you, for sharing your poem, I feel honored. It conjured images I’m forever trying to capture and for that, thank you, again.

  3. curly says:

    Beautiful poem Lisa. And maybe, on a day, we do surface, our true perfect self. Thanks for sowing a seed.


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