Open Eyes

Small and close-minded people always march to the tune of fear, played by the few struggling to hold on to the last vestiges of their power.


Every battle this country has fought and won against bigotry and oppression came with a price.  Each person that decided to stand, demand and then fight for the rights entitled to them, faced hatred and violence along the way.  They are our hero’s.  We honor them because by standing and fighting the oppression they opened our eyes.  Open eyes can learn, adapt, grow and open minds.


There are 5.7 million Voters registered in North Carolina.  On Tuesday, only 2.1 million of those registered believed that the same-sex marriage amendment was important enough to them to cast a ballot.  That leaves 3.6 million Registered Voters that had more important things to do.

It doesn’t matter that if they’d voted the outcome would be the same.  If I was one of the silent and apathetic in North Carolina that knew in their heart and soul that the love two people feel for each other transcends political and religious boundaries, I’d have trouble sleeping knowing that my sisters and brothers continue to fight and suffer without even the comfort of knowing I was with them in spirit.


Don’t stand on the sidelines.  Help open someones eyes.  We’ve all, I believe, had someone stand with us when times were bleak… do you remember what that felt like… how that power filled your spirit?


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  1. Gaboo says:

    I married my job for awhile, but have since divorced. I also had a serious affair with guitar, which could have resulted in a marriage of harmony and melody, but I got sidetracked by booze and had ten year fling with beer. Marriage is such a casual arrangement nowadays that I’m surprised they don’t have wedding license vending machines. What I have learned is that if you find the one you love, it’s divine and no human take that away from you. I realize it’s important for some people to have that piece of paper, so let them have their piece of paper.

  2. jac says:

    It is odd, isn’t it? The sanctity of marriage is the argument used against same-sex marriage, while our culture had stripped almost all of the sanctity from marriage long ago. Marriage in our culture has become nothing more than a binding legal contract, except for those that make it more.

    If marriage is the sacred bond of love, than why is gender important? If marriage is nothing more than a legal way to divide possessions, then why is gender important? And, if it is both a bond and a contract, how does gender become more important? I guess it’s easy to see that I’m completely confused by the arguments against same-sex marriage.

    We all have the exact same right to be… who we are.

    • Gaboo says:

      I was thinking on this and I don’t really think it’s a political issue, whether conservative or liberal people’s views change based on traditional or modern values. The past is familiar and seems secure.

      I think it has to do with marriage as a ceremony, a ritual. The ritual is performed openly to show the public and private union of two individuals. They can forever forward be treated as one entity, or each can represent the other is some fashion. And traditionally, the ritual was extended to the male/female copulation. It was custom that witnesses were present for the consummation ritual through intercourse—the species bonding, or rutting. That’s a pretty harsh visual stamped on the psyche of tradition, oi.

      Alas, the consummation ritual in a same-sex bonding was moot. The ceremony however, prescribes, even insists, that the consummation ritual be present in marriage. ie, traditionalists can’t wrap their head around it. However, they don’t have anything to worry about. People stopped consummating their marriages in front of witnesses years ago. And it was mainly for royalty anyway, so the page could run around and spread the word that the queen was with child and the fair kingdom would continue in tradition and security. Now back to swathing wheat.

      So why not say an alternative marriage ritual is okay? Exactly. Why not? People don’t consummate their marriages in front of friends and family any more. Who knows what happens in the sexual ritual any more? It’s a private affair. The public portion of the marriage ceremony is now the witnessing of a legal pledge between two individuals. Thus, for conservatives… if they are true conservatives, who by definition keep their noses to themselves, should be okay with same-sex marriage and the bonding rights of two individuals because it is a private affair..

      The marriage ceremony has already evolved. However, if same-sex couples settle for ‘civil union’ they’ll not get the political leverage to establish marriage as a universal institution.

      It’s a political dilemma between people with traditional values and those with alternative values. Somewhere in the middle is the political clout, modern values.

      But that’s a representation of the past. I think much of the compassion for same-sex marriage actually does come from people with a core Christian background. The truths within a philosophy percolate to the top, and one of the tenants is judge not, lest ye be judged. Real Christians do not judge. They might squirm and get a little antsy, but dare not judge for they know they are not privy to God’s great plans.

      This brings us to holy matrimony. Divine inspiration is the precept behind holy matrimony. And what God does or doesn’t, or plans or determines is of no concern to Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindi, or any other human tribe, be they traditionalist or revolutionist, republican or democrat. Scripture says, not to concern oneself with kings and queens, because they are set up and brought down as God sees fit. Would such a humble person as I proclaim to know God’s will? God sets up holy matrimony, the bond of two becomes three, and God joins in the love between two individuals. Love thy brother as thyself. Who am I to chastise God for bringing two people together in love? Who am I to know God’s designs?

      This is an ancient, traditional, conservative value that I bring to you… Love and you please god.

  3. ralph lauren says:

    I truly enjoyed reading it. Waiting for some more great stuff like this from you in the coming days.

    • jac says:

      I’m very happy to hear from you, Ralph, and I’m very sorry for the less-than-promt reply. Thank you. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed my words and I’ll try to live up to the standard you believe I’ve set.

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