Comfort Food – Simple Pleasures


If you want lower taxes, set another place at your table. Where we live food is part of the lifestyle. It’s semi-rural here and the cultivation of food, gardening, and the processing of over-stock is a portion of the weekly routine. We personally have chickens and all the turmoil that goes with chickens. It also means I can walk out most mornings, pluck a fresh egg, or give a dozen away. In the grand scheme of barter, another friend bakes and shares a bunch on the weekend. Another has a blueberry crop and most neighbors have cultivated blackberries and fruit trees in the area. We’ve learned to identify and utilize the vegetables that are tougher and meaner than the weeds and critters. (We’ve got a line of beans that could take on slugs in a cage match.) People around here will bake two pies instead of one, or cook a vat instead of a pot. The food gets around and people get in the flow. People cook or harvest a food and pass it down the line. It just seems logical. It’s fun. It’s food.

It’s easy to start a food chain, a big table. The next time you see something on sale, or if you pass a farmers market on the way back to the city, stop in a buy a whole whack of practical staples. Then when you see neighbors and friends, pass it along. If anyone asks how to repay you, tell them to cook something and bring it over. If someone gives you a bunch of corn or vegetables, store some and pass the rest along. In less than a season, you’ll have a vibrant, revitalized neighborhood hanging around together and sharing food stories, swapping onions for pickled beets. Then come the evenings together, the lawn chairs, stories, laughter, and a bonded community.

That’s what makes comfort food special, it takes us back to a time when food was an act of sharing between family and friends. Simple pleasures.


On that concept, a little tale I wrote about gardening…for your amusement. g


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