At The Controls Of Spaceship Earth


I think flying insects see us as yesterday, like buildings. When I walk past a building I know it wasn’t built today. It’s slow and barely changes. It’s from yesterday. Would trees see us as brash, surprising? I think crawling bugs see us as buildings that walk.

I was thinking a lot about our infiltration today, in discussion with a bug, about how we’ve conveniently placed ourselves at the top of the existence pyramid. We have a certain superiority emanating mid our expanding girth. Is the moon blessed by our absence? Would it shine as bright if our tribe assumed district planning? What is our record at creating life with every footstep? Every booted sole plodding building-size footsteps over the moths and spiders, over the exhausted trees overwhelming in excitement. Slow and barely changing, walk slow, we will never have this step again.

Such a culture. Everywhere is joy. On sale, in limited supply. Around the corner it winks and pulls the chain on the open sign. A laser scrapes design onto a value added sequence of events that inevitably lead to satiation. I nearly fell over looking into the fire. Hypno esthetics. Ever random beauty without a sequence, without control, a listless chunk of dust on a wobble with smoke from pine circling in the tailspin. “Wishing you well,” I plead to the oncoming traffic.

Punch-in, punch-out on the road to joy. Follow the tried and proven method with custom and ceremony and wrapped in symbolism. Sequences, clicks, ticks, cues and lines, waiting time in wasting aisles for a the good ship to a silly old perception. Shame that a mark on a cave wall will last longer.

Tingle joy is the rush, lust in friendship laughing times on a direction with the rolling vista half baked onto a panorama immersion event. On sale, in limited supply. Or bring your what-if and sit around the fire.


 Image by Jen A C for Now.readthisplease. Read more Gaboo, click his tag.

2 Responses to “At The Controls Of Spaceship Earth”
  1. Steve says:

    I have cash.
    I’d like to partake of the event.
    Especially the lasers. :)

    • Gaboo says:

      I think it was a mood swing. I used to think joy was like jet fuel, but now I think it’s branches. Everyone gets a turn.
      Thanks for reading!

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