Through a Screen


Thanks guys. I loved the pic of the little bird with the screen, so I copied the idea! (oso was that your pic?) anyway. the little house is what used to sit at the front door of the nursing home. When the building was started, the little ‘cottage’ was moved to the back of the building and the owner’s parents were housed there with all the amenities of the ‘big house’ (laundry, housekeeping, meals, nursing care, etc.). When I arrived at the building to work, the cottage had become office space (business office), then became the caretakers cottage for the maintenance man (handy, he was right there all hours to fix whatever broke), then it became my office and supply cabinet (that was really inconvenient), then it was the Central Billing Office for our region (got a facelift then, new curtains and stove/refrigerator), then became the Maintenance shop/Medical Records storage, then just storage. Now it is the training center for new staff (the ‘University’). The ‘cottage’ has as much history at the building as I do!  –tw


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