Margaret Dawn! What have you gotten yourself into this time?

March 07 2012 – 12:40 EST Chincoteague – Top ReadThisPlease editorial executives discuss writing asset, M Dawn Thacker, in an impromptu phone call. Transcript as memory serves…

“I wanted to ask you, M Dawn? Different angle, yes?”

“Easier sell than most. Easy because she’s generalized. Trending towards simpler, my friend. She’s got the content, the framework. Yes, waaaay easier to kickstart.”


“It’s gotta start in her head. The potential is there, looking for a reader connection. As soon as she realizes that the divine is using her as a loudspeaker to spread clean living, she’ll be household. It’s not the same branding, agreed, but the vehicle is already there. She just doesn’t have a game plan.”

“So blog and blog and blog.”

“Not really, it’s gotta be daily topical. She goes straight to columnist. Books are on the side. M Dawn has a base and that base is expanded by awareness. She needs a schedule. Greenwich meantime has to be set by M Dawn’s column. One a day, one a day, one a day. Organize like she lives, friends and family, caring, pantry, flowers and gardening, the porch, kids, life’s little rainbows. Survival stuff. It really doesn’t matter if she does it on Facebook or on a blog, the point is, what does her readership use because they want the message. M Dawn’s content will trend now and it’s minimal set up.

“Yeah, an online M Dawn, roll up your sleeves and peel those while I tell you what happened at work.”

“You just need to narrow the channel. People need M Dawn’s comfy general store of information. A voice that lets you kick back and meander. That’s what everybody will be looking for in precisely 3, 2, 1…”

“Woodie Guthrie.”

“Yep, M Dawn Guthrie. Each tale hits the masses like a tearjerker, with grin and a ditty.”

“Keep it small town.”

“Lose that and you are toast. It’s who she is. Unless it’s M Dawn Goes To Washington. That I could see.”

“Hahaha, presidential campaign.”

“You know, you’re not far off.”

“You really think so?”

“Look the people want the message, they are screaming, crying, pleading for the message. M Dawn has to start seeing herself as a trumpet dawning a new epoch. It was never about developing M Dawn as a product, it’s about giving the people a lighthouse.”


“I know, serendipitous. The message is more important than her humility. She has to lead a charge.”

“On the veranda with M Dawn. Pie, sharing, and heartfelt anecdotes.”

“Now you’ve got it.”

“Okay, lemme think this through. Recommendations?”

“Carry on as usual, rebrand smarter, cleaner, cozier. And better organized. And encourage regulars to hang out at M Dawn’s.”

“Lemme figure out how to funnel this.”

“You’re doing good.”


EDITOR: Margaret Dawn! What have you gotten yourself into this time?

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