Geo Awareness – Earthquake Spring Season

Sometimes I hate being bang on. The following is from the archives of the ReadThisPlease forum. Last week, the writers were forecasting the spring lineup for earthquakes. Seems that big ones happen every 188 days or so.

Input ACE Data of Magnetosphere Simulation and Earthquakes in March, 2012; as of 0315

Feb 17, 1996 Indonesia 8.5

Dec 26, 2003 Iran 6.6

Dec 26, 2004 Thailand 8.8

Jan 12, 2010 Haiti 7.0
Feb 27, 2010 Chile

Dec 20, 2010 Iran
Jan 2, 2011 Chile 7.1
Mar 11, 2011 Japan 8.9

Jan 10, 2012 Indonesia
Jan 19, 2012 Iran–NC4Nong

The art of plucking figures for dramatic effect. Most notable earthquakes occur in spring and winter cycles anyway.



Massive earthquake in Acapulco today. Initially reported as 7.6, now upgraded to 7.9 on the Richter scale.

I ‘knew’ it. Will update as news becomes available.



Dates to watch: March 23, March 29. Anticipating some reverberation along the Indonesian earthquake corridor.


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