Quips – Not Just For Snoots

I love quips. I toss them around like feathers in a pillow factory. I value quips because they allow compression of several ideas into meaningful and memorable mantra. In a slight of word, the listener, or the reader, is affected.

Winston Churchill’s was my fav, referring to the marriage of that snooty British pompadour and his vixen haired Hollywood wedding raven: thereby making two people miserable instead of four.


Quips confound reason, because they rarely apply, yet they sound so idealistic. Nod in agreement and dash like a game of tag. Otherwise the quip can haunt the mind in some haggling cure for humanity’s ills lest I lose it between commute and toiletry. But the quip will return, ever lurking.

I rationalized that I can take an entire inter-brain novel and compress into a three second blip and call it a quip. Ta da—freeing me from the ordeal of character development, channeling plot schemes and flushing details. A quip offers entire efficiency. You get used to this form of sloughing off, and you can visually compress seven or eight cinematic overtures into a few simple quips. They are as dense as gold. (trading $1772 spot) I’ve figured out the mental cinch and pulley to summarize all the messy bits into one epic theology,

“Frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a plan.”

I have to relax from the triviality of life, and stop nagging about slowing time through the wonder of fractal intricacies. Too many of my hobbies involve delicate, cause/effect observations and I know that quipping is a reactionary result. I can listen to my friends, empathize with their third party anguish, but somehow my compassion manifests in a the all-freeing, one-size-fits-this quip. Where I go, life is bliss. I am prepared for maximum equipment.

So I’ve decided to make my own. Not only do I get to sound like a snoot, but I actually get to pass on mildly useful, erroneous information; I might get to affect someone. Fun, fun, affecting people. Life is bumper cars. I shalt craft a well placed combination of anecdote and parable into a time slot reserved for sneezing.

“Two mouthfuls make a listener be.”

– Gaboo

That’s mine, yeehaw I’m in quip history. Note the fancy italics, centering—or at least I hope it’s mine. Can I be totally sure that I didn’t absorb that from not paying attention? Maybe there’s a quip registry and if there is, I want my quip registered. No chance that some opportunistic opportunity guy is gonna tshirt my path to retirement. Whatever. Search for it on your oogling mill and see if I got there first. Doubtful, it will even register as I did not sign up for the telephone book this year. We art incognito… and that’s the bandit notoriety of the quip. You can drop a prompt on your entourage and they’ll never remember it was you that created it. They only remember the quip.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

– Upton Sinclair

Image gaboosted satire: www.twistappel.com; wikipedia.org Read more gaboo, click his tag.

23 Responses to “Quips – Not Just For Snoots”
  1. Gaboo says:

    Let the dream not be the goal, but the route. Wealth happens when you don’t notice, when you’re too busy to stop and acknowledge it. – g

  2. Gaboo says:

    Race doesn’t exist in anthropology. It’s a social partitioning tool. – g

  3. Gaboo says:

    Adults in positions of authority can be very dangerous children. – g

  4. Gaboo says:

    love is the joy of like – g

  5. Gaboo says:

    if anger is a leash, forgiveness is a free fall – g

  6. Gaboo says:

    You won’t figure out why your words fall on deaf ears, until you realize that you’re visiting from the future and walking in the past. – g

  7. Jen says:

    Like steel striking flint, we can never know which action will be THE spark – jac

  8. Jen says:

    We confuse sustaining our lives and future on this planet with sustaining our lifestyles – jac

  9. debtless says:

    “While asset prices can rise or fall, debt endures.” – Mark Carney

  10. gaboo says:

    Mail Order Serenity: Now shipping with the trust that what should be included–is.

  11. Gaboo says:

    There’s a point in minutia when detail gives way to acceptance, the zero point. Then all the physics in the world won’t compare to an afternoon in the shade with a butterfly.

  12. Gaboo says:

    In human development, someone conjured the idea that we should fill our minds, rather than free them for observation. Sometime around the extinction of the short-nosed bear.

  13. Gaboo says:

    I’m boxing the outside in a think.

  14. Gaboo says:

    Writing incorporates universals and particulars in characterization, so any existential writer or journalist can make a reasonable presumption about the foibles of another. A miscreant demonstrates particular weakness with each post irrespective of handle, ie, they reflect their inner pain and project it onto their intended victim because that’s their field of reference. Therefore, they tag themselves. James Bond anecdote: if you’re at a costume ball and stab the asshole in the leg, at the next party the costumes may change, but one has a limp.

  15. Gaboo says:

    Poets live by writing it down. When they stop, they die.

  16. Gaboo says:

    I peed on a boat once. I was on the wharf and it was quite a shot establishing that dominion.

  17. Gaboo says:

    The blessed live to give.

  18. Gaboo says:

    when I did a stint
    with free range eggs, I had a card that read,
    Just Got Laid
    I never knew if I used the correct form of ‘lay’, but the cards were a collector’s item around town, nevertheless.

  19. Gaboo says:

    Get a bznz card that says ‘Writer’ and write people’s stuff for free until you get upset and start charging them.

  20. Gaboo says:

    This venue is practice. Behold tongues, the wink, a nod, and wee knowing rush.

  21. Gaboo says:

    We often gain more insight on the critic than the storyteller.

  22. Gaboo says:

    The defendant is hereby released, however his stardust will be detained.

  23. Gaboo says:

    Think of life as a ladder in quicksand. Climb in a brisk upward motion.

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