I Love You Valentine From Gaboo

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I Love You, Valentine
by Gaboo

My Valentine would be my first
Long wondered when we’d meet
She came along two score in years
When love would have us greet
I remember our best Valentine
The day that we were wed
I knew she was my Valentine
‘Cause this is what she said,

My Valentine, you are my first
And we shall never part
Yes Valentine, I ever thirst
Your love within my heart
As sky is blue and blood is red
For you whom I am spoken
Until they lay us side by side
Our hold on life then broken.

My Valentine, dear Valentine,
I answered her sincere,
With every breath I’m born anew
When your love draws me near
I will not tell, my Valentine,
What future life doth grow
Nor what hither comes us nigh
From star to land below.

Yet Valentine, yes Valentine,
For you whom I am born,
Should we ever fall astray
My days would turn forlorn
As sky is blue, your lips are red
I pledge my love until I’m dead
Until the stars wink dark instead
I love you, Valentine.

 I Love You, Valentine © 2012 Gaboo. Image: Tree Warmers © 2012 Sheila Cano


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