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An excerpt from Modern Love, above…


Every day we correspond. He is traveling from Manchester to Liverpool today and has a full schedule of business meetings. So our talks have been short, but sweet. He’s eight hours ahead of me which makes it tricky to connect. On the weekend we chat for hours. He has this reverence towards me that is shocking. Makes me realize how I’ve lost a certain amount of respect for myself over the years, the years of disappointing relationships. Years of choosing men who have not been good for my spirit, my soul. My workplace is filled with women who are broken marriage casualties. Most of them will not return, only relieved to have escaped intact. I understand completely.

I was getting to that point. After returning Recycle Guy back to the bin, I was ready to stop dating and write the book. I have enough material to entertain and educate the young girls entering this arena, to fill a few novels. And then I received an email.

The dance of intimacy.

A woman lets a man know it’s okay to come closer in many ways. Through IM and emails it is easier to be bold and more direct. For instance, when he wrote to me that he needed to sign out and that he would like to kiss my hands, I wrote back, I would like that.

Knowing that he wants me as a potential partner, clears the table of all other clutter that most relationship entail. Such as: is he dating numerous other women at the same time as me? Does he want long term, or just a friend with benefit? What dark part of his past is he hiding? Is he a secret alcoholic or drug abuser?

And it not only leaves me hopeful, but a little scared.

Me, Scared?

You bet. I have some pretty sturdy walls set up around my heart and there for good reason. I feel them crumbling, slowly, yet surely. And the vulnerability, I’m feeling, without that protection is frightening. The more he tells me his feelings for me, the more I need and want to hear them. I don’t like feeling needy. The hopefulness that has risen about him and me being together, is fragile and I need to hear from him, more of what he is giving me to feed that hope.

At my laptop last night, just site surfing, suddenly a message came up on the screen from him.

I want you

And I realized that this electricity can be felt right through the computer screen.


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