Icy Walk: Photos By M Dawn Thacker


Woke this a.m. to everything insulated in a layer of ice. Thought I’d share. — MD

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3 Responses to “Icy Walk: Photos By M Dawn Thacker”
  1. Audrey Caloprato says:

    Beyond Dawn is a Norwegian band composed of Espen Ingierd, Petter Haavik, Tore Gjedrem, and Einar Sjurs.

  2. You’re right. I never knew of this Norwegian band. I’m googling it today though and after that, even if it’s beyond me musically, it will not be beyond my consciousness. Hope the photos were inspirational!

    • visited the website of Espen Ingierd, who was in the band Beyond Dawn (It is now disbanded). Currently, he belongs to the band, Two Trains. How apropos says M. Dawn Thacker, AKA train whistle.

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