Strike The Third – He’s Out!

We found her! Adrienne’s back with more relationship details…


I know I haven’t written anything lately about my dating adventures. Never fear, I’ve been out there, but it’s been dismal the past couple of months. I’ve been hanging onto Marcel, to be honest. I gave him three tries and so he has finally struck out. He is all talk and no action. But, I really liked the fact that he was into fitness, in better shape than me. His idea of a great vacation would be driving down the coast of California and stopping to cycle the many trails that are there. Yes! That’s my idea of great fun. Dune buggies on the sand dunes by the ocean! Yes!

But his continual references to himself in third person, “Marcel is feeling great… Marcel likes this,” it was embarrassing. I tried to respond in third person, as I figured he’d see how silly it sounded, “So is Adrienne!” He did stop once and gave me this queer little look. Does he get it? Well if he did, he continued on.

I sighed in resignation.

Is it a deal-breaker? How important is that? How nit-picky have I become?

I showed his picture to a co-worker and she figured he looked just like George Clooney and if I was stupid enough to drop him, she’d never speak to me.

I persevered.

We went back to the Hostel in Squamish, climbed the Chief again. It was a blast! So many interesting people to meet. I love being in that environment where there are so many diverse groups of people visiting from around the world. A couple from Australia were preparing their dinner as I was chopping vegetables for ours. They were rock-climbers here in Canada for their honeymoon. She showed me her diamond ring and they were dazzling. After dinner we settled into the TV room and he gave me the remote. (Not so much out of generosity, but because I KNOW he couldn’t figure it out!)

I stopped at the news. Don’t want to watch the news, he spoke up after about twenty seconds. Okay, okay, let’s keep going. Well the man loves reality TV. I suffered through one of his favorites. I’m thinking  if we lived together I have three of them in my place. I chastised myself once more for nit-picking.

He says he’ll call and he doesn’t. He makes tentative plans to come back to the mainland within a few days, but does not write or communicate any information about when and where he’ll be. This is not the first time he has done this. I know he doesn’t like to write. I set him up with an email address (his first one!) and his face scrunched up as he tried to follow my directions as to how to log on and how to send an email. C’mon let’s go watch TV, he quickly stifled me when I tried to make the directions simple. I know he’s not an intellectual. Is that a deal-breaker?

I expressed my exasperation to another co-worker who loves all my escapades into the dating world.

“He’s smart enough, Adrienne, to know that you are smarter than him. He’s scared of you. You’re too much for him,” was her verdict.

“I think you’re right. And you know, I don’t want a guy that I am too much for. That will make him insecure and he’ll spend his time trying to knock me down.”

I blocked him on the dating site. And I know for certain he won’t get understand that I did.

In the meantime, I’ve been AWOL on the writing for weeks. I lost one of my dearest childhood friends. She dropped to the ground on the golf course and was unable to be revived. That took me down, humbled me. Grief takes on many faces, I’ve discovered. When it’s a close childhood friend, they take part of your past memories with them. And then my disappointment in Marcel. I’ve been feeling so alone, desolate. Inconsolable.

My editor tried to cheer me as did my close friends.

He wrote that when it comes to love it’s not something you chase or look for. Love finds you. He advised me to go about my life and do all the things I love to do. Then, lo and behold, the right man for me will appear. That lifted my spirits somewhat. Although I did argue with that theory. I told him that how will he appear in the day to day life that I live? I work with mostly females. I go to my fitness classes three times a week and there again mostly women. How much time is there in a day that there would be opportunities to meet the true love of my life? Internet dating makes it so much simpler. I don’t have to dress up, put makeup on, put a smile on my face when I’ve had a grueling day. I merely log on and let the shopping begin.

But are we missing something with dating made so seemingly simple?

It’s good to be back. This is Adrienne reporting once more from the trenches.


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