ReadThisPlease Edition 11 Now Available

Just for our friends and subscribers, you can go to and read Edition 11. It’s all for you.


November 11, 2011


column 1

Junction by Jen A C

Deer Crossing by Bruce Reisner

Electric Avenue by Adrienne S Moody

Doll Baby by M Dawn Thacker


column 2

Ghosts and Truth by Adrienne S Moody

As Luck Would Have It by M Dawn Thacker

Missing From The Family Album by Adrienne S Moody

La Petite Mort by M Dawn Thacker


column 3

Doorways: 2012 by Gaboo

Garage by Adrienne S Moody

Poe’s Cabin by M Dawn Thacker



Enter at your own risk. Edition 11 is all about doorways, the art of entry and exit, change, and realization. Doorways are special places where you can be there and still arriving. We invite you to read the passages and short stories by the wandering scribes at ReadThisPlease, in Doorways, Edition 11..

3 Responses to “ReadThisPlease Edition 11 Now Available”
  1. Gaboo says:

    Hey, I read through, looks like a compact, impacting edition. Conjures lots of thoughts. Glad to have my handle next to yours, fellow writers. g

  2. JKefoury says:

    Ghosts And Truth hits very close to home. A story that brings memories that seemed long forgotten back. As if it wasn’t quite that long ago and remember all the good times. Your stories are always captivating to me Adrienne.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Thank you so much for reading and responding, J!

    Happy New Year to you and yours.


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