Sorry, I’m Occupied

I love American politics, ours are so boring. We went through this ‘who are we’ self examination years ago. Word of advice, get rid of corruption. Politics are parasites on the hide of good stewardship. I’ve written essays on the process: Approach leader, promise funky jet, get regulation passed, block competition.

Do hope you people get it together—your parents brought us much innovation, despite your nation’s girth. America has a little bit of the world in it now. Did you know that I’m what they call a ‘duelly’? Yeah, Gramps was from Minnesota. I think my brother’s papered; I didn’t bother. Crows don’t like paperwork. I’d go to the States (that’s what foreigners call America), but I’m afraid some border guard will inject me with truth serum and take pornographic pictures of me. Anytime I went to the States, we swam across the lake and drank cheap beer. It always smelled different in the States, but most places do.

On Occupy Places, kind of interesting if unfocused. Not really a hockey riot, but you do what you do. Basically, same old thing, kids thrashing old school. Is it bigger than that? No. It’s part of the shedding process. The sine wave peaks every 80 years or so, as Jen conjectures in one of her recent dissertations, or when the boys from the hometown get to the finals.

The name set me off a little bit… occupy. I kinda need my own space so I give lots of it to others. I don’t have a facebook account, or a cellphone, or an ipod, or a watch, or a tattoo. I guess the corporations didn’t get to me. I pay the hydro bill, but I know the hydro guy and he’s decent. I did send a letter recently. I don’t know if the post office is a corporation or not. I am glad they don’t run health care. I know that my cable/internet service provider is a corporation, Shaw, but they seem to work and others complain about the alternative phone company all the time.

I do consider the corporations, employees, managers of the products I purchase. I will pay considerably more or spend considerable time to get a product made regionally. The reasoning is that I’m going to use a product with reverence and respect for the person who made it. I want to know who made the fridge. That’s called ‘discriminating consumerism’. I do use my vast powers of influence to crush corporations who piss on my environment. Comin’ for you, creep.

But enough about business, all they do is make stuff or sell stuff, and that’s so little of life. Unless you’re heavily invested in corporations, work for them, in debt to them, depend on them, the corporate lifestyle. Then, best get out there and protest if you’re getting screwed. Someone’s making a buck. Hey, what about that string of volcanoes recently? That’s where you see real human nature. When one of those pops off in the neighborhood, you’ll see your tax dollars at work.

I’d protest, but I’m already occupied. Real wealth comes with simple needs.


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