Our Inner Nuts

Imagine a nut directly in the center of your brain. That could be you. The self you. Likewise, that could be inside of me, the nut within. Doesn’t it seem natural to feel that way, self as a little core nugget? The inner sanctum, tucked just inside the shell.

Imagine you lose grip on that little nut, slip out and away. Perception flows beyond the body. You are apart from the nut. Self is left behind and you are free to explore and participate. Sounds, sights, sensations all stimulate from everywhere. Newborn. Doesn’t it feel natural to expand awareness and get a little omni? Just a pause from an inner nut.



Startling revelation: Can we train our thoughts? I think so. It’s not so startling, people figure out this unicycle. Thoughts are like a responsive dog. If we walk out back, around the fence and through the gate, eventually the dog has the pattern down pat. Then if we change our pattern, the thoughts tug, because they want to walk the old way. It takes work to shed thoughts, having a toolbox of high intensity new thoughts at the ready. New tricks for the dogs.


Bonus Essay Scratch and Win:

Static Object in Dynamic Flow? Sometimes it’s the other way, dynamic object in a static flow.

Example: That new Dubai chic/sheik hotel erected on a sandbar. Tall, flashy, big. Insert link here: http://www.jumeirah.com/en/Hotels-and-Resorts/Destinations/Dubai/Burj-Al-Arab/

Anyway, they built the thing on huge, construction-sized pop straws pounded into sand. Innovative, but the problem is the adjacent ocean eats shoreline. Enter the static object to confound the dynamic flow: Custom crushed boulders. The modified breakwater quickly turns the crashing waves into foam. Guests relax at ease, poolside , 30 floors up in French ensuites with hand-tooled gold crown moldings. Thus their dynamic flow is not altered by something as static as nature. But you see the gist? Flowy, rolling, pushing, churning meets angled, scattered, ragged, static.

Square boats aren’t boats; they’re rafts or barges. Boats are slip-streamed, smoothed out, designed to slide nicely with dynamic flow. A common square boat is an ice cube. Square, hard objects bobble and smash into things if they move at all. Stretch the thought—imagine carrying a mattress along a downtown sidewalk, sideways. Herds have a dynamic flow to their physical interaction. Theorem Conjecti: Two civic members with a sideways mattress agitate rush hour peers.

Yet, in coin flip fashion, are not the scrambling herds static, always the same, traveling dispassionately, getting here from there, hither, yon? Is not the bouncy double-size adventure actually fluid whimsey amid rigid commuter conditioning?

Patterns. I digress from prepared remarks.


Have you ever been the square cube at a party? The mood block? The droll breakwater. Yeah, we all have. Moods are fluid.

Have you ever been the rubber ball in a room full of square cubes? Like taking a mattress downtown to the wrong address? Did you know they report it on the radio if a mattress is spotted in traffic—if it’s not flowing dynamically?

There has been no point to this essay. Inner nut signing off.



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