Just Find Another One

What would I do without my friends? Perish, I think.

I had my hair foiled and cut last night. Farrah is a woman from Iran and in my books she is a beauty. She doesn’t think so. She thinks I am, with my pale skin and blonde hair. I think she is exotic with her thick black hair and striking features. She won’t even consider going online to look for romance.

“I’m not like you, Adrienne. You’re so brave and strong. Me? If a man hurt me… if he treat me badly I would break. Just break. I can’t do it. Not until I get my puffy eyes fixed. Maybe then. No man will want me the way I look now.”

“You’re wrong, Farrah. Look at you! You have a beautiful body. You dress so nicely. Look at your gorgeous hair. No one notices your puffy eyes, but you. Any man would be happy to have you.”

“No. I’m not like you Adrienne. I would break. I am too scared. But I am so lonely. You have this exciting life and I sit here with a bored one.”

Farrah brushed hair dye onto the foils as I handed them to her one-by-one.

“I am seeing someone, of course,” I spoke casually, ” we’ve had two dinner dates so far. He’s Asian. He’s….  very energetic, Farrah. He’s positive and happy, but I know it’s too soon to say if he’s going to work out.”

“Well, if he doesn’t work out just get another one!”

We grinned at each other through the mirror.

Yes, just find another one.

The women who do my hair, my nails and my facial, all look to me for entertaining stories. They want the newest installment of my love life and I try to deliver.

“Farrah, I went on vacation last week to the Sunshine Coast. My friend and I went to this marina that had a bar and restaurant. A gorgeous little spot. We walked down this dusty road to the entrance and suddenly… I remembered!”

“Remembered what?” Farrah stopped, comb in mid-air.

“That I had been there before… remember Fly_Boy?”

“Yes! The fishnet stockings man!”

“Yes, yes. He took me there. I remembered riding the little electric bikes that we transported in his plane. We rode them down that path and I was a bit scared of falling because the hill is steep. So while we were at the restaurant, I told my friend about him… and because she is a relatively new friend, she hadn’t heard about this one. I told her how romantic the dates were, flying to different Islands and having dinner and picnics. She was enthralled when I told her how much he had to offer in the way of material things.”

“Yes, I remember that.”

“She talked me into re-connecting. So, when we got back to our cabin I sent him an email and told him I thought of him that afternoon, having stopped at the same marina. I told him I wanted to say ‘hello’ and ask how was he doing?”

“Good for you, Adrienne. See, you are so brave!”

“Well, he wrote back the next day. He wrote that he regrets a few things in his lifetime and that I am one of them. Then he listed all the positive things about me. And then he wrote that he has found a woman now and has been with her for the last year. They travel a lot and seem to get along well. He wished me good luck.”

“That make you feel sad, Adrienne?”

“It did, actually. My friend said that she wished she had been part of my life back then, because she would have talked me out of breaking up with him. He did have a lot to offer, but, like I told her, it wasn’t all my doing. I wanted to talk to him about the issues; he ran and hid. He didn’t want to discuss his sexual outlets. I figured six months is long enough to get to know each other and his behavior seemed too afraid to embrace that part of our relationship. So? Now he’s found someone and I am still looking for Mr. Right.”

“Well, Adrienne, like I say, if one doesn’t work, just find another one.”

It was late in the evening when I left her condo. The air felt surprsingly warm for late summer. I sat in my car and read a text from my ex-roommate. I planned on meeting him for lunch the following day. The day after that I had dinner booked with my new guy, Kenny. Yes, my social calendar is full and my life feels like there is never a dull moment. But, like Fly_Boy, I have my regrets and he is one of them.


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