Ticket To Ride – Edition 10 Is Out

Image © 2011 by Sheila Cano


Edition 10 will soon be out on ebook!

Let’s go! ReadThisPlease.com Edition 10 is all about travel and motion, getting somewhere, and what we do when we arrive. Traveling takes many forms, so buckle up—we invite you to read some road-ready short stories by the wandering scribes at ReadThisPlease.com. Journey with us on a Ticket To Ride.


Edition #10


Ticket To Ride


column 1

Need For Speed by Gaboo

On Driving by Sheila Cano

Living at Mach by Gaboo

My Favorite Family Vacation by Jen A C

Gasquet by Sheila Cano

Rocket Pool by Gaboo

For The Love Of A Trailer by M Dawn Thacker

Turn Left At T’s Corner by M Dawn Thacker


column 2

Stone To Fire by Steven Bird

Eun Hye by Casimirr

Climbing Over The Fence by Adrienne S Moody

Mayhem In The Monashees by Sheila Cano

Where Would You Go? by M Dawn Thacker

Journey Through Locked Wards by Adrienne S Moody

Journey To A Dead End Street by Adrienne S Moody

From Saxis to Parksley and Back by M Dawn Thacker


column 3

The Last Road Trip by Adrienne S Moody

Born To Ride by M Dawn Thacker

They Gave The World by Sarah Scott

Sutter Buttes by Sheila Cano

Big Storm by Steven Bird

The Foothills by Sheila Cano

She Purrs Like A by M Dawn Thacker



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