Ladies of the Club: A Newcomer Meets Adrienne

M Dawn introduced Adrienne Moody’s stories to the women of a Virginia care facility. They are not short on opinions regarding Ms. Moody’s forays into the world of online dating…


There was a new member of the group today, Jeanette.  She is not long term, but attends the nursing home for rehab to train a brand new knee how to bend, walk, run, and maybe dance.  Jeanette sat in the circle of ladies, her leg extended in the wheelchair.  The regulars shared their fantasies while they waited for Adrienne’s latest story to collate and staple on the Xerox machine.

“I bet she’s dumped that Liverpool_man for good. I hope so anyway,” Dee said. “Maybe she’s found another Englishman, someone like……oh that dreamy man with the beard. You know who I mean, the one who played James Bond. What’s his name?”

“You mean Sean Connery?” Beth asked.

“Oh yeah, that’s who I’m thinking about, Sean Connery. That man is simply gorgeous, and he’s been knighted. He’s Sir Sean Connery.  He’s all polite, perfect manners, and dressed in those smart suits.  I bet underneath that cool exterior is a…”

“Fan yourself Dee.  You’re overheating,” Helen interrupted.  “I’ll give you that, Sean Connery is a good looking man, but every man who’s played that James Bond character is sexy. It’s the character, not the man.  I think Adrienne’s going for a more down to earth man, the one who holds your hand, but cares about what’s going on inside you.  Looks aren’t what’s important to Adrienne, it’s his heart.  Now my Cecil, that’s the kind of man she’s looking for.”

“Your Cecil raised hogs and lost his front teeth in a bar brawl,” Beth interjected.  I can’t imagine Adrienne with a hot tempered farmer.  I think she’s more inclined toward a cultured man, one who enjoys museums and art, maybe even opera.”

“Where did you get that idea?” Polly asked.  “Adrienne enjoys keeping fit, exercising, being outdoors. She needs someone who’s an athlete, a football player maybe, someone strong with big muscles.”

“I don’t think Adrienne needs anyone,” Shirley interjected. “With her it’s more about wanting than needing. She doesn’t want to settle and she certainly seems capable of taking care of herself.  She’s done that already for years. She wants a partner, not a caricature.”

I handed out the story about Mr._Tango and we began reading.  When we reached the part where Adrienne had had enough with  Mr._Tango, him suggesting she lived close enough for a private visit,  and touching her leg under the table, Jean read Adrienne’s words, “Do you want to go for a walk on the pier?” and after that, under her breath, Jean said, “so I can elbow your sorry behind into the bay.”

Everyone laughed.

The ladies finished the story, and Beth, who’s the biggest critic in the group said, “I really like her stories. Do you think they are all true?  I can just see the whole experience, like a movie playing in my head.”

“Sure it’s true,” Helen said. “She just has to go through a lot of rotten apples before she finds the good one. You remember way back when you were dating.  We have to be picky.  If you don’t cull the duds, you end up with a stinker in the house.”

The newcomer, Jeanette, piped up. “I love to dance,” she said. “I think I would have gone dancing with him.  Doesn’t mean I’d have to marry him, or even go on more dates, but I’d jump at the opportunity to experience that Argentine Tango.”

“Hey,” Helen said. “Did you realize what Mr._Tango’s ex’s name was?”

“I did,” Jeanette said, chuckling. “Gave me a start, because I did open a window one time to throw a man’s belongings out into the yard.  I’m not bi-polar though, and I don’t abuse men,” she said, so it’s not me in the story.  Besides, the man who found his shirts and pants scattered in my front yard wasn’t a dancer. From what I recall, he was a fisherman, and had more catches than me on his stringer.”

“Do you write stories?” Beth asked.

“Oh no, not me,” Jeanette said.  “Let’s leave that to Adrienne. She’s good. When does this group meet again?”


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