100,000 Word Meals Served


What a year… so far. It all started in a humble online coffee shop with some talented writers who came together to pool resources, support, and a vision to share their messages. Now, six months later, we have four ebooks, a paperback volume ready to hit the shelves, ten online editions, syndication, and many wonderful endearing friendships. We love readers, because the reader is our dance partner on this journey. If we can reach one reader and let them know that they are not alone, we have won. Providing entertainment, amusement, and friendship is our goal. 100,000 reads of our stories is overwhelming.

On behalf of Sheila, Adrienne, M Dawn, Jen AC, Casi, Steven, Steve, Donna, Brent, LG Ives, Sarah, Bruce, and Gaboo, we thank you. Thank you so much.

(This editor is back from vacation—let the stories roll!)



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