ReadThisPlease Ebooks Available On Kindle


The editor shows up—ragged, weary, and with a sublime expression of superiority. What has happened? We wondered.

Now we understand. The tireless editorial team, tech guru Steve, and publisher Donna have coordinated the upcoming release of all ReadThisPlease editions on ebook. Wow! We have a new published catalog of quality reads and short stories for you on Amazon Kindle. Visit our shop page and click. We’ll have other formats up soon. But the Kindle software is available for just about all the popular electronic readers, including iPhone. Our Shop page will link you direct.



We are growing! Since February 1st we’ve had almost 80,000 reads of our stories and we want to give you a convenient vehicle to take them along—commuting, for coffee breaks, lunch hours, or anytime you need to escape. And hard copies, too: Volume One Editions 1-6 will soon be available to you as a keepsake. Over eighty quality literary shorts for your reading pleasure. Look for singles of Editions 7, 8, and 9 on our new Shop page soon. Hey, we’re thrilled. There’s been a lot of tales written to make this happen. We thank all the contributors, the organizers, and especially, our readers. It is for you, our partner in imagination.



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