Ladies of the Club: Tools Better Than Looks

written by M Dawn Thacker

We were all gathered for the weekly Virginia Auxiliary of the Adrienne Moody Fan Club when a story stirred comments even before the ladies finished reading it.  There were a few “What’s?”, some “Oh My’s!” and one “What in the world is wrong with this man?”  Most ladies were shaking their heads by the middle of the fourth and final page.

“He was just too needy. No man should ask a woman if he can leave a pair of shorts at her apartment within three weeks of dating, much less his slippers under her bed. Her BED, can you imagine?” Polly asked in disbelief after reading Adrienne’s short story about Liverpool_Man.

“I was married to my first husband for a good six months before I heard him refer to me as his wife,” Shirley said laughing. “Liverpool_Man hadn’t even been dating her a week. Warning bells and flashing lights should have been going off in Adrienne’s head.”

“Well obviously she heard and saw them,” Beth said. “She told him she was uncomfortable with him calling her his wife.”

“She should have just sent him packing right after that trip to the bank. I don’t care how much she missed being married. There’s no way you know someone well enough in a week’s time to refer to them as your spouse,” Polly stated.

Helen held up her hand like a traffic cop, halting the conversation. “You all are just too hard on the poor man,” Helen said. “He missed his wife, was hurt and had two boys to raise on his own.  Let me tell you a little story of my own. My mother died when I was seven years old and left my father with eight children to raise.  He was alone, had never cooked a meal, washed laundry, or diapered a baby.  He was lost and didn’t know where to turn or what to do.  My grandmother came to help for awhile, and several of my aunts pitched in, but they finally left my father to fend for himself.  Within four weeks, he found a new wife. She was a widow who was struggling with four children of her own.  They didn’t hardly know one another much less love each other, but found someone to meet their needs. My brothers and sisters grew to love my step-mother, and so did my father.  They stayed together until my father died at eighty-two.”

Polly rolled her eyes. “Helen, that happened a lot back in the day.  Men didn’t do women’s work and women didn’t work outside the home. Times have changed. This is the twenty-first century. Women don’t need to rely on men to take care of them any longer.  Besides, Adrienne isn’t some poor lost soul who has a passel of children and no income. She’s a modern, single, independent woman.  She has her choice of men.  This man was on the rebound.”

“I’m just trying to explain this man’s motivation,” Helen said. “He’s lost, not crazy.”

The other ladies were nodding their heads.

“That doesn’t mean she had to run into his open arms, and obviously she didn’t.  She went back to her computer and found this Buddha_Man,” Polly said with a harrumph.

“She sure does live an exciting life,” Dee said, sighing.  “An Italian man, one that looks like Yul Brynner, and now a man with an English accent. I’d love to have her life.”

“Dee, you know you’d be married to the first one that came along,” Polly said, rolling her eyes again.

“I guess you’re right,” Dee said. “But this next one worries me.”

“What next one?” Helen asked.

“Buddha_Man,” Dee said pointing to the bottom of the page. Doesn’t Buddha look like one of those Sumo Wrestlers?  I can’t imagine Adrienne with a man like that.  She needs someone more along the lines of Robert Redford or Paul Newman.  They were so good looking and suave.  They’re more Adrienne’s type I think.”

“Well she at least has to find a man who knows how to use a screwdriver,” Helen said. Who ever heard of a man having to take home a screwdriver to learn how to use it?”

All the ladies agreed. Looks aren’t nearly as important as finding a man who knows how to use tools Adrienne.  You never know when something’s going to need fixing.


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2 Responses to “Ladies of the Club: Tools Better Than Looks”
  1. Gaboo says:

    To the regal ladies of the AM fan club,

    Female should bring brains to the operation. Female gauges situations, then points and tells male to kill it, eat it, or fix it. Get a guy with brains, then your problems start.

    wink, g

  2. Will pass the message on to the ladies g. I’m sure they will send feedback. wink back at ya!

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