Mother’s Day Aftermath

With much ado me and the boys traveled to Gran’s for a little Mother’s Day cheer. Eldest child whipped up a fantastic pizza from scratch, using just about every pan and pot she had. At least a pound per slice. Which reminds me, we should go get her some groceries.

Kid made this---from scratch!


On to the gifts. A friend brought back some gag royal condoms whilst in England for The Wedding. She apparently got a nice spot outside Buckingham Palace and watched as the cavalcade left for the church. Later, when the regalites returned, my friend was jostled in the crowd and ended up face first next to the royal gate, watching the hoits and toits wave and stroll about the palace entrance. Fearful that the crowd would squish her, friend turns to an elderly British mom, who said, “Just put your feet first and walk up the fence. That’s what we do at football games.”

So we passed the condoms on to Gran. She’s a widow. Future’s wide open.

Souvenir Royal Condoms for Gran


Finally, a rousing game of paintball, in yellow paint to celebrate the day. Gran lives on a rural outpost. Takes a couple days and the rain will clean it off. Sorry about the tinman, Gran.




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