Adrienne’s Mountain Weekend Raises Passions

Adrienne’s Sea to Sky romance continues…

Anyone who spends as much time exerting themselves climbing a  mountain as we did that day and then luxuriates in hot jet pools of water, is going to feel the endorphins surging through their body. For me this can last days. Although there were a few cracks in this new relationship, I was feeling fine by the time we arrived back at the hostel. And very hungry. There were also some new arrivals. Two young men from Germany were busy in the kitchen preparing their dinner and an Australian couple with work visas sat out on the patio.

It was late afternoon, but the sun was still prominent in the sky and felt warm to the skin. Marcel fired up the barbeque for his halibut and I peeled and sliced vegetables to wrap in foil and bake alongside the fish. It would be a feast. I found it interesting and fun sharing the kitchen with these new visitors. They were polite and we shared a little conversation; it was evident they spoke just enough English to get by.

A young woman, whose profession was a welder inspector, looked over my shoulder as I wrapped the vegetables and muttered that it looked like an awful lot of food. I just smiled. When you work out like we did, the appetite will be voracious.

“Oh, there probably will be enough left over for breakfast,” I lied.

Everything was new. I was in a place I’d never been, sharing quarters with a man I’d only seen face-to-face twice (though we spoke on the phone daily for two weeks), and sharing living space with strangers from around the world. I had climbed a part of the Stawamus Chief that I’d never seen.

Being a Leo, and a fixed sign, we tend to favor routine. I was beginning to realize that change is invigorating. It keeps the mind alert. Did I mention Marcel was a Leo as well? He has a lionish look about him. The trouble with two Leo’s in a romantic relationship—we find it difficult to share the limelight. I noticed that I was having difficulty getting the attention on me. And when I did, I didn’t feel like I was being fully heard. We needed to share the stage and could two Leos do such a thing? We’d find out, I thought as I sat on the comfy chair and watched Marcel poke at the fish, put his hands on his hips, and look out towards the craggy peaks of the mountains surrounding us. He looked like he was on stage.

We sat down together and ate hungrily. I finished mine first and he pushed another piece of fish towards me.

“Eat, Adrienne,” he urged and I complied.

He shares his food. I mentally ticked off another Brownie Point.

There was very little fish left in the foil when we were done. He asked if I was finished and I nodded yes.

“I want to offer this to the guys,” he stood and brught over the leftover food to the two German men still fussing over their dinner.

“Would you like this to add to your dinner?” I heard him ask.

“Why? Why don’t you want it?” was the response I heard.

I had to laugh. My Mother is German and that’s exactly what she would say if something was offered to her. Marcel is passionate his gestures, I’ve noticed. When climbing, he insisted I check out the trees along the way and would give me an estimate of its age. Every opportunity was a chance for him to teach and impress. And now that the halibut that was being rejected wasn’t sitting right with him.

“It’s like gold! It’s the best fish you can eat! We just had enough, is all. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

“Well, we could put it in the salad,” one of them offered.

“Nah!” the other looked at it like it was potential food poisoning.

“I’ll take it,” the young woman from Australia intercepted.

With dinner complete, and too tired to walk outside, we both felt a little awkward. There was a TV in the den and we decided to lounge for a bit. We sat together on the leather couch and he passed me the remote.

He shares the remote. Another Brownie Point.

I channel surfed and tried to skip over American Idol (I can’t stand the program) and I know it’s his favorite. No luck.

“Hey, back up! American Idol! That’s my favorite.”

I had trouble finding the station and so Marcel went to the set and fiddled with the controls and then we had a snowy screen.

“Uh oh. What did I do?” he tried for five minutes to reset the station with no luck.

“Let’s get out of here, Marcel. Let them figure it out.”

We left, embarrassed and chuckling at our mischief. I imagined the multi-lingual conference trying to fix it, cursing whomever messed with the TV.

By this time I felt completely drained and wished for my own room, maybe do a little writing. I was tired of trying to listen to his conversation and responding politely. He was fun on the mountain and at the Aquatic Center, but I needed a break. I took a shower and returned to our room where he was already in bed, smiling at me as I closed the door.

“Come here, Adrienne,” he pulled the covers open for me.

I climbed in next to him and we held each other. And kissed. His hands wandered south and I whispered that I didn’t want to go any further, I wasn’t ready for any extra activity.

“Well, can’t we just fool around a little bit?” he protested.

“No. I don’t think so. It’s too hard to stop when you do that.”

“Aww, Adrienne, it’s been so long since I’ve had sex with anyone. I’m so tired of going solo.”

“Excuse me?”

“Going solo. You know, masturbation.”

When someone says something so unexpected to me, I freeze. I don’t know what to say. So I said nothing. He wasn’t finished, however.

“So do you masturbate? Can you climax?” he quizzed.

“To both questions, Marcel, I’m not ready for this. So… hmmm… I’m gonna go into my own bed now. Goodnight.” I gave him a quick kiss on the lips, “See you in the morning…”

I climbed over him and into my own bed. I laid there feeling let down. I’m quite sure he did too, in more ways than one. I felt disappointed. Any red-blooded male in his position would feel the same, I am sure, but it was the delivery that cast a negative slant. He made it seem like he had a great problem and that I had the equipment to solve it. How romantic is that? He wasn’t reading me. I remembered the conversation on the way back from the pool.

“I don’t think I’m going to date anyone else but you, Adrienne,” he announced.

“Okay. I won’t either.”

“Then that means you’re my girlfriend.”

Just in that little statement, he appeared like he staked his claim. As his girlfriend, did I now have certain duties—responsibilities to his physical needs? I don’t think so. Where was the romance? Where did this take a sudden turn?

I didn’t sleep that well. I had this urge to leave him there. But, I couldn’t do that and wouldn’t. The thought did come to me, however. I could sense him pouting over on the other side of the room. When his breathing changed to a low snore, I rolled over and pulled the comforter over my head. I slept lightly and was glad to see the light through the blinds, finally, around six AM.

I rose and I could see that he was awake,  but did not speak. He is perceptive. He knew that I wasn’t pleased. I sensed his discomfort. There was no inviting me into his bed.

“I’m going to go make coffee, Marcel. Sleep as long as you like.”

And with that, I left the room quietly. Happy to have the kitchen to myself, I made my coffee and sat outside in the early morning light.

We had planned to go back to the Chief that day, our final day together. I was glad we had the activity ahead and it would surely clear the air between us. Maybe we’d talk about it. I looked up half an hour later to see him in the kitchen cooking up another banquet of a breakfast. I went over to him and put my arms around his waist.

“Good morning,” I whispered.

“Morning! I can’t wait to get back to the mountain.”

“Me, too”

After eating every morsel and cleaning up, we returned to our room to pack our things. Checkout was ten o’clock. We’d climb the mountain and then I’d drive him back to the ferry terminal. We packed in silence and then he spoke.

“I couldn’t believe the erection I had this morning! It took half an hour for me to be able to leave the room!”

At that moment I wished he was the strong silent type. Everything seemed great between us, until he opened his mouth.

“Marcel. That is more information than I need to know!” I responded.


“I just like to say it like it is. That’s just the kind of man that I am.”

I bounce back quickly, whether it’s an injury, deleting a potential suitor, or his rejection of me. I don’t hold a grudge, but I may file it for later consideration and that’s what I did—filed it.

“Let’s go, Marcel. The mountain is calling us!”

And off we went for our second climb.

This relationship has more twists and turns than the Sea to Sky Highway. To be continued, my friends.


Read the beginning of Adrienne’s alpine rendezvous here. Mountain Weekend Raises Passions © 2011 Adrienne S Moody. Catch up on Adrienne’s exploits at

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