Thoughts Like Butterflies

Thoughts are pretty powerful things and after thousands of years playing civilization, we really don’t have a good explanation on how thoughts affect our material world—or if they do. From my own experience, there is a little vibe, a gut feeling, when I know something is right or not. Does the action or idea feel good? A sappy playbook, I know, but then, how many truly look deep within before they commit thought to action?

Sometimes we pick up on others’ emotions. We get impressions, a sense, an intuition, or vibe. Sometimes we are about to say something, but hesitate… does the thought stay put? Or does the notion flutter away anyhow? Imagine if we could think a thought, latch it to a co-worker or a friend, watch it hop a bus on someone else, travel two blocks with a charged up pigeon, and then plop into the lap of the intended receiver. Are thoughts like butterflies?

I get the ‘deer hesitation’ all the time. That’s where a group is standing, gawking at impending doom. Suddenly, one hesitates and the whole herd scatters. Birds do this, and so do humans. Dangerous at traffic lights, though. A crowd of pedestrians gather waiting for the crossing light to change. In anticipation, one will think to step, but mentally hesitate. Two or more other racehorses jump the gun. You’d have to do a study to eliminate all the variables, but I’m guessing the push start happened at the brainstorm level. Ions, neutrinos and all that atomic Lego. Another way to visualize it, imagine that if you’re rattled, ye old thought nozzle is like a high pressure hose with no handler, whipping around spewing impulses and taking out innocents.

In a busy thought processed society, how do I filter the flies from the butterflies? For thineself, the litmus test could well be: Does a thought or action settle right? Does it feel like an old pair of jeans—meant to fit—or does the thought feel like aluminum foil stuck between your teeth? If you do something true, no matter how grisly, trivial, or new, there’s the karmic sigh within—it feels right doing it. If a thought or an action makes you wince because its scraping your core the wrong way, try another method.

Organizing one’s thoughts is a little like learning astronomy or ping pong. Practice putting spin on the ball. Swat them.


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