Sugar by Mail

or Fishing For Adrienne

He wrote this to me, “Time, truth and consequences will tell.” I’m speaking of Alan, the teacher, the man with a deep faith in God. He calls himself Candy_Man. Our phone calls are revealing and we’ve been emailing daily—come close, back away, come close, back away—in an intimate kind of dance. Much can be learned without meeting face-to-face.

I asked him how he could remain in such a lengthy marriage when his wife clearly did not love him anymore? He told me that he did a lot of fishing. He used the word ‘obsessive’ to describe his activity. I pictured him standing at the edge of the stream, the sunlight sparkling on the water, and he is casting and reeling in. My Father took me fishing so I have fond memories of the sport and know of how contemplative the setting can be.

“I had opportunities, Adrienne. I was once in the library and another teacher, whom I felt attracted to, sat down beside me and suddenly I felt her leg snake around mine. I jumped up and knew I had to get the hell out of there!”

“That says a lot about you, Alan. I think many rejected husbands would jump at the chance.”

“I can’t explain why I was so willing to carry on in a loveless relationship. I know, I know, I have always had the determination, patience and willingness to risk pursuing a relationship… maybe it is honor, love, attachment and lastly commitment. I have not done the affair thing. I’m either too ashamed or proud. I don’t know. It’s wrong. Read the story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife in the Bible. Google it.”

Well, the bible is a great storyteller and certainly teaches lessons in a unique way, but I wondered if that’s what life with Alan would be like—sending me off with a passage from the bible to read and then get to answer back.

I felt the drawn to him and then the pull away, just like he is casting out and reeling in. Fishing. I feel like a fish on his line.  He wrote how much he loves my voice—deep, sensuous and unique. He mentioned to me how connected he feels and how comfortable I am to talk with.

He reels me in… come closer… come closer.

And then he baits an email with this paragraph:

I enjoyed reading your email. I met some interesting colleagues of mine for coffee. Just got back. One of the girls is of interest, to be honest. I am casting a wide net. A kid in a candy store.

He casts his line way, way out. Stay away… stay away…

And then:

We’re looking for long term. Attachment has to be there, confrontation has to be there, close values have to be there, communication and sacrifice. Negotiation and commitment have to be present, as well as commitment. I really like what comes out of you. How close are we? Time, truth and consequences will tell.

Reeling in once more…

The email simmered on my mind all that morning. The metaphor, candy store, that bothered me. So I’m a piece of candy and he thinks he’ll have a taste? How important and special does that make me feel? Not at all. I admit, I told him he needs to be out there dating plenty of women and gaining experience, but I’m not his buddy and I don’t want to hear all about his encounters while we are seeing each other.

Like witches at the cauldron, I went online and had a group discussion with my female friends. We cackled and stirred the pot with Mr. Candy_Man simmering in a thick stew.

WHAT! HE SAID WHAT! A candy store?

Drop him, Adrienne.

What kind of idiot is he?

I’m going to look up that bible link. Hold on I’ll report back.

Aren’t there any decent guys out there?

On and on it went and by the time we finished with him, there wasn’t much left but the wrapper.

I wrote an email to him and told him the ‘candy store’ is open for both of us. I wanted to meet him, but let’s enter into this as friendship for the time being. Exclusivity may or may not happen for us and until it does, we’ll both be tasting the flavors out there.

In the meantime, I received an email from Mr._Tango, whom I’ve been putting off. Alan has been my focus, but suddenly there’s a breath of fresh air. In the email was a link to a studio, famous for teaching beginners the art of this passionate dance. He included this intriguing little paragraph:

There’s nothing quite like that three minutes of intimacy and shared emotions, even if she is a stranger, which is more poignant. I have sometimes felt closer to a woman this way than during sex. Can you understand that?

I plan to meet both of these gentlemen within the next few days. I’ll get back to you.

Of course.


Sugar by Mail © 2011 Adrienne S Moody. Read the last installment here.Read the latest Adrienne outdoor adventure and romantic exploit on Now.readthisplease.

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