ReadThisPlease Edition 9 Released update: April 24, 2011 – Edition #9 Everyday Magic is released.

Edition #9 is all about the odd little things that happen to make us pause and wonder. Journey through twenty-three works by the scribes at ReadThisPlease. Discussion and comments are appreciated.



Everyday Magic

April 24, 2011


column 1

Together, We Wander by L G Ives

Flash Magic by Adrienne S Moody

The Invisible Unicycle by Gaboo

Despite The Odds by Sarah Scott

Led To Overcome by B G Lewis

Remember That Night by M Dawn Thacker


column 2

Wake To Walk At Daylight by M Dawn Thacker

Old Slippers by Adrienne S Moody

Bench Warrant by Sheila Cano

Moon And Venus by Jen A. C.

Putting Away The Pictures by Adrienne S Moody

Mothers’ Bench by B G Lewis

The Girl I Left Behind by Adrienne S Moody


column 3

Blind Date by Adrienne S Moody

A Puzzle In The Night by M Dawn Thacker

Everyday Magic by Steven Bird

The Magic Hour by Adrienne S Moody

Night Along The River by Gaboo

Pink Snow Day by Sheila Cano

Last Wedding Gift by Adrienne S Moody

The Little Death by Gaboo

Sense Of Wonder by Adrienne S Moody

Gifted To Notice by B G Lewis



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