One Tiny Woman

It’s spring now, but with temperatures at night dipping into the thirties and forties, it is still cold enough to use the wood-burning boiler stove, and it sits in the backyard looking like a small shed. Once a day, Bruce fills it with large pieces of oak and locust. The wood is stacked on a trailer and pulled up close. This makes hefting easier.

Today, a wren perches on the edge of the blue tarp, covering the trailer. She stands her ground, even as Bruce walks close on his way to the furnace. She bobs up and down on stick legs, chirping her disdain. He ignores her and uncovers the day’s allotment of fuel.

Now she’s in distress, flitting from the trailer to the clothesline, then to the garden fencepost, and all the time rattling off a litany of curses at my husband. He’s oblivious, and hard of hearing it seems.

I open the kitchen window and call out, “Can’t you hear her?”

“Hear who?” he questions, looking around for a neighbor or visitor.

“The wren,” I exclaim, pointing at the little brown bird, now having a conniption in the lilac bush.

“Where?” Bruce asks.

“Right behind you. She’s been trying to get your attention since you left the house and started banging around.”

“I didn’t see her,” he says.

“Well, look. I’ll bet she has her nest somewhere close.”

Bruce turns to the bird and says, “Alright, alright, stop fussing. Give me a minute. I’ll see what your problem is.”

He closes the stove door, not having put a stick of wood in it. He walks over to the far corner of the garden, standing and watching until the wren flies back to the woodpile and ducks under the tarp.

I watch Bruce leave the backyard, only to return a few minutes later with a wheelbarrow full of wood. He makes a wide berth around the trailer and the bird, then wheels the wood to the stove. He makes three trips to fill it. Then he turns, shaking his head.

“There’s a whole trailer full of wood and I can’t use a stick of it. One tiny woman and life gets difficult.”

One Tiny Woman © 2011 M Dawn Thacker. Read more of M Dawn’s work in the Now, click her tag.

2 Responses to “One Tiny Woman”
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  2. Virginia Phillips-Smith says:

    This is so cute, Margaret. I can just see Bruce shaking his head.

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