Monday Feature Blah




Blah soothes the racket.
Shell shock trod anti-climax regroup
in contemplative mindless soup wander.
A wall splat in rethink,
the coma dosed hanger maintenance review.
Forward self induced
steps in muddled puddle jumping,
frumped in slow incline.
Reclined in mind time.
Extra bowlful in cerebral demise.
Ten thousand feet when clouds spoon,
part ways and blue remains,
and out perching bolder,
hunkered in comfortable seclusion.

Brain weaving teasing finger tap
tacked rhythm flat beyond frontal head latch patch.
Whacked beat down tuned stream tredding fleet,
emotional bumper tar sneezer reeling rigged
presume perfumed and the merry go sound.
Willy nil chills off the blown shining shown rind of masked kinds
and weird wasted pasted faces.

Blah mood moon closing doses in ease posing,
bent reeling, day’s rushing flushed,
face flares and glares recede stares.
Unawares trip sleep fall a pillow.
Up handed landing pass crash precious measures,
mixed and meters met.
Treasures creeped and blessings blessed.
All spuns spin forward. All the rest is next.
Sleep in blah jacket swims smiling.


Sarah Scott

Trauma unit brain blood splatters
mind mapping visions in contemplated evaluation
overstimulated flat lined resuscitation
of finger tap uneasy rhythm
numbing life pain feels insane
nothing broken the same and beautiful
deceptive ugly rambling memory
complicates simplicity in tragedy hues of golden
shadowed empties and lost conversations
search hate for peace leaving enemies
destroying common place antiquities
gems in dark places saved
and words for rainy days

Weird pasted faces living left untraced
complicated simpleminded human race
beavers busy to fro’ing
still blown thoughts in mindless
drone worker bees strewn about with ease
deeper thinkers do exist
found in undergroves and thick forests
silver wings glide boundless
overlooking sky
ant and beast burdened journey
in groups pointing paths to travel weary
guests on quests of trauma splattered
mind mapping visions in contemplated evaluation
for overstimulated flat line resuscitation



Monday Feature Blah © 2011 Sarah Scott and Gaboo, a compilation. Someone posted a line in the forum and the above followed. Sort of like poets’ water cooler talk. Read more Sarah Scott here. Read more Gaboo here.


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