Beads On A String

Grab a piece of yarn, loop the end. That prevents you from falling, becomes your lifeline. When you get to the end of the rope, reach up. Someone will be there next to you, hanging too. He or she will likely be different from you, but the path upward will be similar.

Look up. Look next to you. These are your friends, companions on the journey of life. They travel a similar path. Get to know them. Revel in their differences. Bask in their similarities. Find common ground, and find friendship. Know that from time-to-time you may get out of order, or mixed up, but you are always among friends. Enjoy them—their contrast, shape, size, joy, determination, subtlety. Learn from them.

The road changes too, just like the people traveling with you. It may start out smooth and end up bumpy. Perhaps a new career, a change of plans in education, an ended marriage, a new friendship, a child ill, a miracle, a rainy day when sun was expected or snow in the middle of summer. Take the lumps and hills as well as you do the wide open plains as your soar above treetops and gaze down on green valleys, expanding far beyond the horizon. Learn to accept each change in the road, to glide around each bend. Avoid accidents when possible, but always embrace today. Each moment, hanging on by a thread, sways the rhythm of life.


Beads On A String © 2011 Sarah Scott. Click Sarah’s tag for more reflections, prose and stories.

One Response to “Beads On A String”
  1. Evan Scott says:

    Nice musing, Sarah. Great metaphor as well. I was able to get a clear visual of the beads and how they translate to daily life. Brilliant, as usual.

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