Working On Bliss

Working On Bliss

Working at the same task for a long time, I start to examine the minutia, the little bits. A weird thing happens—time slows down. Then reason fades. Obsessions obsess. I fixate on fixtures. I slump. I can’t see the forest for navel lint.

You’re apt to tell me, “look for a change of study or occupation.” Yeah, I’d agree. Best find a new gig while the learning is still rich. Then if I trip into circumstance where I can brandish my experience, there will always be a little shine.

So, how doth one know the difference between enough and too much? Don’t lose rationality claiming desire makes your skill any better. Don’t fear your own ability to adapt. Exhilarate in challenge. Work for that gift of time when you are called upon and consider the real value of what occurred. A student gets some mentoring, the teacher gets a dusting of joy. A customer gets his brakes checked, countless lives are saved. A patient dies, but a young care worker gets a chance to excel. Somehow the food flows and the sun still shines. The doors open on hinges of serendipity and the townsfolk look out for their own. We all get a chance to work on bliss.


Working On Bliss 2


Let’s fancy a definition, just so this text has a little magnetic north: Virtue is the stuff that makes us sense that we are vital and alive— exuberance, exultation, exertion, wonder, curiosity, challenge, vitality, comfort, unsullied growth, and honest fun—jOy.

Virtue fills your cup—the little jigger inside that only holds real, right now, sensation. The cup is like a mini gas tank that feeds us motivation to live, thrive and try. In another dimension, I suppose you could call it the branches of the vine. Virtue is not you, nor is it me. It’s something we collect from deeds and dialog. We find it connecting, sharing—through challenges and successes. You can only collect your own virtue. I do not know how to offer the substance, or borrow it.

Virtue sends you a little shiver—it can shoot a few milligrams of oxytocin down the pipes; it’ll get neurons excited and tease cells into growing. The living can sense virtue in their bodies. If you are blossoming and there is good soil, water and sunlight, you will thrive. If we get all scientific and chart the behavior of living things, we can see a tendency for the living to opt for life; living feels good to the living.

Situations, circumstances, and choices can have aggravating consequences. Some experiences wear grooves and etch nicks in our cup—too much baggage can pop the little vessel, and then oops—we have a leak. Holding an empty cup, individuals try to stuff it with some carnal delights—lust/self/ego/easy happy/toys. Alas, carnal satiation has a short shelf life and leaves the cup bitter and wanting. Our attitude takes on distrust, anxiety, fear, and a want for control.

Thankfully, good ol’ instinct can take over; we schedule some relaxation in the sun, or indulge in some quiet time on a park bench, and refill on natural, innate activities like stretching or purring.

How to live carefree—blissful? You already know. Next paragraph.

I enjoy ditching my expectations. My words are not me. My name is not me. Not even my body is me. That’s all just stardust and figment—my labels and packaging. My words are just footprints. I am the spark inside—the living. And this little person is just as much an individual as a squirrel, or an elevator operator, and just as vital as a world leader or a worm. I walk through alleys, tumble landslides, course offices, imbibe in bogs, and venture vistas—all in wonder. What a ride! Glad to know you.

So how’s that bliss thing working for ya? Grab a cup, it’s coffee break.


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