Words May Describe Me

Words may describe me, but what is the essence of who I am? Am I my thoughts? My words? My personality? My strengths minus my weaknesses, multiplied by my talents and divided by my handicaps? Am I breath and lungs, life and air? Am I the beating of my heart?

Listen. Do you hear that? Can you feel the energy? In the stillness, that’s where you find me. In the quiet moments when my eye catches yours, or the fan brushes my perfume into your realm. That’s where I am. In the serenity of the evening just before the closing of the day, when the stress of everything simply fades away, and all that’s left is unadulterated and sweet. That’s me. I’m the yawn and stretch by the first light of morning, the tousled hair tumbling out of bed to stumble to the kitchen for that first jolt of caffeine before I’m even awake. I’m the simple things like a buttercup or daffodil mid-bloom, in early spring, an old chocolate lab in the front yard frolicking. I’m a lighthearted chuckle complimenting a good joke. I’m a well-written story on a time-yellowed page, words smudged with tears, ink faded to gray.


Words May Describe Me © 2011 Sarah Scott. Look for more Sarah’s stories and observations in upcoming posts—click on her tag.


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