Mystic Writer Foreshadows Party Boy Woes

In serendipitous fashion, recently posted an excerpt of The Witch, by B G Lewis. The timing was impeccable in the field of mystic foreshadowing. The post might have been predicting current events. Spooky.

Party boy, C. Sheen, has just found himself in disfavor with a sect of Witches in Salem. Apparently, his sly wit overstepped sanity and he used some “witch” lexicon to describe himself. The word association didn’t fly with representatives of a coven in Massachusetts. Followers held a ceremonious “magical intervention” to offset the actor from using terms like “warlock”, which is a term of reverence to the organization.

In the Picture Book excerpt posted by Now, our heroine listens while a romantic makes endearing promises, yet the man intends to keep on partying, avoiding responsibility and civil trouble. At the end of the parable, the Witch advises the romantic that he’s misplaced his priorities and should look to nature for help.

Considering the excerpt was recently posted, February 13th 2011, AdminNow says, “let’s point this out this little phenom”. There’s a lot of little coincidences in The Witch and sometimes reason blurs. The parable, The Fool, is also included in the excerpt. We’re not suggesting any connections with actors alive or dead.



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