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Read This Please Online Periodical Edition #8, themed Melancholic Habitus, and all about the turmoil of inspiration. Writers, poets, artists and musicians can relate. We understand the web of angst and rumination coiling in the frontal lobe. We dive in and sort through triggers, flashbacks and mental mazes, organizing fleeting glimpses into verse, or stories, or great solo melodies. For a reader who walks alone in depression or melancholy, we want to share—you have brothers and sisters in the artistic community. Woe is a thought process that we can tap. Those thoughts of sadness and melancholy aren’t you—they are tool to creativity. For the Ides of March, Read This Please Edition #8 will offer words of perspective, inspiration, and few ladders up from Melancholic Habitus.


March 15, 2011 • EDITION 8CONTENTS


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Melancholic Habitus

Ides of March Edition

column 1

Melancholic Habitus by Gaboo

The Wounded by Sarah Scott

Too Late by M Dawn Thacker

Life Crashes by Sarah Scott

Building Blocks by M Dawn Thacker

Listless by Pd

The Card by M Dawn Thacker


column 2

Mrs. Tilly Ambert by M Dawn Thacker

Cello Notes by Adrienne S Moody

It’s That Time Again by Jen A. C.

Dear Traveling Companion by Gaboo

Window Thoughts by Sarah Scott

Digital Mind by Trularin

Resting My Mind by Adrienne S Moody

Gloomster by Bruce Reisner

Misery Shared by Adrienne S Moody

Class Question by Sarah Scott


column 3

Cotton Candy by Adrienne S Moody

Rain Drop by Gaboo

Strange Country by Steven Bird

In Good Company by Pd

Muse by Pd

Expectations by Gaboo


A special thank you to Sheila Cano, managing editor for Edition #8.

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3 Responses to “ReadThisPlease Edition #8 Released”
  1. Gaboo says:

    The gloom, misery, depression issue. It had to be done. We started talking about compiling the thing almost a year ago. There’s been so many good stories written that did their purpose at the time, and just slipped away. These tales are a good mix of some sentiments written. An honor for me to share e-ink beside these writers. And a note for record, so much of the world thinks on Japan at this time. Towards forward. g

  2. Patty Black says:

    The haunting emotions were stirred as I read “Too Late”. Memories of me pressing my hands over my ears so that I could drowned out the sounds of my brother being harshly disciplined, while our mom submissively stood by her husband, my dad (not my brother’s dad)’.

    • Gaboo says:

      Just saw your comment, Patty, yeah the story by M Dawn, same affect here. In fact, all three of her stories in that column kind of work together, and play off the others, too. I think if we reveal some of the shadows through stories, we can let it go, release. Thank you so much for participating in the discussion.

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