Power Paradigm

Aah, here we go again…

Notice what I wrote there? Here we go again. There’s a reason why I wrote that…so it would sound like I was involving you. Misery loves company. Climb in my bucket.

However, I’m an individual. The only reason I’m participating in a larger group, community, neighborhood, town, is because I choose to. There’s more than enough backwoods around here to slip away. Many do, unintentionally.

So, where’s the power come from? Groups. Groups which are occupied by individuals. Suddenly, having recovered from a stint in the bush, I see someone has plans for me. A group wants me to attend a swap meet. Another group wants me to try new ice cream. Noisy groups want to change my opinion. A funny group wants me to stop and watch. Messages are coming at me the individual—from groups. They have plans for me.

How to Identify the Enemy

They have plans for you. The enemy is most always a plural. If the subject pronoun is singular, then your enemy is easily identifiable and this topic is moot.

The object is most always singular. Yes, you are the lonely duckling. The enemy will always try to isolate you. You have no where to turn, but to the enemy.

The Power Paradigm

When an individual realizes the energy and force of a group, they can make plans. Step one: amass a group. Step two: isolate victim. Step three: coerce victim to join group. The powerful lose empathy with the individual and reconstruct their paradigm based on group modality.

What does an individual possess in defense from the group?


The Greatest Threat to Authority

Honesty and apathy.

We know that we evolved, but we also know we are special. We know that there are other dimensions beyond our own material existence. (Physics has lined up the logic and we have a pretty good idea how that came about.) We know that religion weaves lies within speculation. We also know that government taps into our fears to evoke social control. Somehow, despite preaching servitude, religious and government leaders always sit in a big chair.

We also know that some ancient tribal truths still hold firm. And we know that all roads can lead to joy. Each individual must choose their path. To deny the choice is a delicate balance and authority has poisoned choice and used schemes to control others.

The greatest threat to religion and authority comes from honesty within the individual. Groups have attempted to isolate, corrupt and coerce the individual. And these groups are instituted by those who seek power and control. If we are honest with ourselves, we become apathetic to the plight of self-appointed authority.

Using our own conscience, individuals are recognizing that power wielded by religion and authority is a ruse. Individuals witness the plots of a few to maintain material and spiritual control: Pain wrought in the pursuit of gain.

The greatest threat to religion and authority is already growing in all parts of the world and in your neighborhood. Watch as groups parley for power, but their attempts are futile. A tidal rush of honesty comes with apathy to the plight of the powerful, and a ferocious appetite for truth.

Each individual, in their own time, admits the errors of the past and a hope for the future. But hope is just a chance. Knowing is better. Arriving on the scene—the greatest generation in a thousand years, yours. Each individual must heal their own ills, build a better world for their children, and do so while caring for their scornful parents.

Write. Conduct rhetoric and dialog. Spew your honesty.


Power Paradigm © 2011 Gaboo. An excerpt originally posted on Gaboo’s blog January 1, 2011. To read the second in the series, click here. Or click Gaboo’s tag for all his stories and observations.


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