Motionless Moments

I sat and watched the world turn, sitting on the ledge at the edge of campus, taking note of people milling by. Studying the alignment of the sun in the sky, I wondered if all days could be so peaceful, so serene. A garrulous old woman happened past me, jabbering her low-hanging jowls at a colleague. She must love to hear herself talk, for the colleague could get no word in, and I wondered how the old woman breathed while talking at such a jaw-breaking pace. Flappity-flap in the wind, her double chin folds and straightens with the rhythm of her speech. I smile. She must have lived a grand life to have so much to say. I hope I get to say that some day.

I sat in the milling, relishing the scent of dogwoods, enchanted by the song of birds fluttering by, it’s about time for their twitter-pated moments to take hold. Nests will crop up in the trees soon, and little eggs will be spotted through holes in the bottom of thatching, as I stare upward wondering what kind of bird lays such an egg, or fashions such a nest. I look forward to the changing seasons; the climate is changing; the temperatures are warming and I enjoy my first few temptations of spring. Daffodils are blooming, a photo-worthy friend.

In the hour, as I sat in stillness upon the ledge, hundreds of people must have passed on the sidewalk in front of me. None of them stopped. None stared. It surely isn’t a common thing for people to sit perched atop a ledge, overlooking the milling crowds on Front Street. The streets are cobblestone and the city’s architecture is turn of the century, a beautiful study in photographs. I plan to go tomorrow and catch the first rays of morning on the city streets and trees. Maybe I’ll capture a bird mid-flight, or a cloud moving across sky…

In those motionless moments on the corner of the street, perched on my ledge and wrapped in serenity, if the world had stopped to notice, it might have envied me.


Motionless Moments © 2011 Sarah Scott. Look for more Sarah’s stories and observations in upcoming posts—click on her profile.

6 Responses to “Motionless Moments”
  1. Gaboo says:

    Write more observations…this is inspiring. Now I’m looking out for my own personal ledge. ;)

  2. I’m really liking this Sarah. It made me stop during travels today to look around me and notice things I usually don’t. Thanks you.

  3. sarah says:

    Sarah you are as talented as you are lovely! :)

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