More Power Paradigm

After a few days out of society and in the blissful trees, I felt compelled to share observation on recent current events. My bias: I like puzzles, reference material, intuit—blah, blah—Orwell’s kewlade, and man’s social evolution 200,000 BCE to present. Bring good shoes.

More power paradigm. Tradition and ceremony are exploited to create order. No tradition and ceremony? Then it’s more difficult to instill order. People like comfort and reassuring habits. Construct order around a comfortable tradition and the masses will defend your order. With emphatic gusto. Click, boom.

In chess, players toss out red herrings to let the enemy win a battle. Keep the enemy busy in one direction willingly, while you sweep in with order. An especially diabolical humiliation—let the enemy win battles that serve up his own demise and institute your order.

Imagine playing a game using popular uprisings to let your enemy be a reluctant champion. Other players feign admiration, then volunteer to run the operation forward. The enemy bows out gracefully, success in creating a coalition. But the game board is left vacant. Attack can now be forced to any arena.

Another ruse, team up with the enemy against a mutual foe. Encourage the enemy with words of his heroics. Cheer while you eat his larder, and his friends.

I perceive past leaders have lost an edge, deluded by power and accused of placating to maintain the status quo. Order now comes as the guise of democratic liberation, enabling a vacuum for fundamentalist power to control state military and unify against an older, ancient enemy. A tipping point approaches: Regional public will choose a customized, stylish democracy—or the organized control of religious edict. One is unknown and alluring; the latter is a familiar, traditional burden.

If I was a wind of the Ouest, I’d be sowing seeds of communication, nutrition, and self determination, throwing it out the back of freighters. Much like the kings of oil? No, for real. Welcome people into the now as individuals of planet Earth, before religion, and capitalization, without fear or vengeance. Involve food, aspirations, doorways, then it will be easy to see who’s in it for the future, and who’s just in it for the killing and power.

Some military adventures are a ruse. It’s not about the obvious. It’s about another country. Regional governments topple, and ceremonious states are instituted. Then the guns will turn with fervor, pointing at an old enemy. Nations change from within, note how the borders remain the same: Not war, but revolution. Once the state has regrouped, neighbor will threaten neighbor, if this is true. Witness as the warrior plays an appeasing role, makes an appearance of fatigue. Criers and pundits are confused: the spear rests at the feet of the opponent—who will establish order—in what may become fundamentalist, ceremonial states. A battleground becomes concentrated at the doorstep of one particular nation, a region of dispute, the ancient enemy of the new, evolving order. One nation falls upon itself, then another, and another again, coordinated, chess pieces surrounding an old foe.

Scenario: Some war is a distant ruse to placate, and tire. A reluctant power loses appetite for war and new fundamentalist states spring forth from the ashes of old, corrupt regimes. And all under the veil of democratic liberation. These new regional states then point guns at a solitary neighbor, concentrating the battleground, and unchecked by past alliances. Of course, I’d only be brainstorming a new plot.

More Power Paradigm © 2011 Gaboo. The second in Gaboo’s discussions on the ‘power paradigm. We’re trying to isolate the first one. The opinions expressed are those of the writer in no way reflect


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