Edition 9 Everyday Magic


Readthisplease.com update: We are starting to compile Edition #10. Until it’s all golden, we invite you to visit our previous editions online. There’s lots of stories written for your enjoyment. Short ones, tiny ones, longer ones, funny ones, sad ones, happy ones, odd ones…


April 24, 2011 – Edition #9 Everyday Magic is online.

This edition is all about the little clock stopping moments that happen to each of us daily. There is a swirling essence that seems to have fun with our sense of reality, despite our plans. Many know when the phone will ring, or when events stack up that are a little too coincidental. Often these pauses are brushed aside, “Sure, that happens to lots of people.” But don’t these daily wonders actually shape our beliefs and perceptions? If a bird lands on your head and tells you a message, heed that bird—because birds don’t do that very often.

Everyday Magic. ReadThisPlease.com Edition 9. You’ll always know when.

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  1. JKefoury says:

    “Old Slippers”

    Heart-breaking, but beautifully written story. <3

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