Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

I am awed by your incipient mastery of jargon; a cunning contrivance these, your venal ploys grandiloquent. With humility, nay, incredulous ingratiation, I behest opportunity to serve for the aggrandizement of such a brilliant pettifogger as yourself. I will remain in your service despite the forces of nature which conspire to machinate your subterfuge and vanquish your endeavors, recompense your usurpers…lalala.

Oh Superiorrectus, Oh Condescending Puff n’ Stuff, My Grand Gasconade, Earl of Blusterguss, Swashtinkler Extraordinaire, The Tumescent Wordbag and Lord of Blowhard, I beg of you, please forgive me.


your groveling copywriter—pending.


Dear Editor © 2011 Gaboo. For more out-of-the-box thoughts, click Gaboo’s tag. We’ll forgive him for this last one.


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